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1797Re: Response to Rob Bowman on 1 Cor. 8:6 (Patrick)

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  • Robert M. Bowman, Jr.
    Oct 9 8:46 AM

      You wrote:

      << Rob, I have already given you a free electronic copy of my book
      that you said you were going to review. >>

      I have checked my files and could find only two chapters of your
      book, the first one and the one on "I am" sayings. I'm not saying
      you didn't send me the entire book, but I just don't seem to have it.

      Feel free to send it to me (again?) and I will try to look at it.

      May I infer from your response, then, that I will find the answers
      to my questions about what you believe in the book? I ask, because
      the following paragraph from your post does not. You wrote:

      << You also said that you have already read the intro and first
      chapter published on my website. My book (and everything I have
      written in these exchanges thus far) clearly articulates my positive
      belief about God and Christ. But for the record (again), I believe,
      with Paul that the one God is "the Father." Since Paul (Jesus, and
      the ancient prophets) did not affirm belief in the doctrine of the
      Trinity, neither do I. I believe what Paul said, and what Jesus said
      (John 17:3; 1 Cor. 8:6) and simply do not go beyond the simple and
      straightforward concepts these texts communicate.

      I also believe that Jesus is "the Messiah (the annointed), the Son
      of the living God" (Matthew 16) in the sense that this expression
      communicates at face value. That is, I believe there is a living God
      (the Father) and that Jesus is the Son of that living God. The true
      God, in my view, is "the Father of" my "Lord Jesus Christ" not
      the "Trinity." >>

      From my perspective, Patrick, you seem to be avoiding answering my
      questions. I know you believe that the "one God" is "the Father." I
      know you do not affirm the Trinity. I know you affirm that Jesus
      is "the Messiah" and "the Son of God." I don't know what you think
      this means. Saying that you take these expressions "at face value"
      does not help, because different religions have different opinions
      as to the "face value" significance of these expressions.

      As I said before, I want to know if you believe Jesus existed before
      creation, participated in the creation of all things, sustains the
      universe by the word of his power, is present with his disciples
      whenever and wherever they gather in his name, knows the hearts of
      all people, is the proper recipient of worship, religious service,
      doxological praise, petitionary prayer, holy reverence or fear,
      spiritual songs of adoration, and the like. If you are telling me
      that your book answers these questions, fine. I look forward to
      reading it and seeing your answers. (I don't recall the material I
      did read addressing these questions at all.) If not, I would
      appreciate it if you would answer these questions.

      In Christ's service,
      Rob Bowman
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