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1779Re: [biblicalapologetics] Jews for Jesus

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  • Robert Nusom
    Sep 20, 2007
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      I am afraid that I have to agree with Mr. Tillman on
      this one. In my opinion, Jews for Jesus or the
      "Messianic Jewish" movement or whatever name they go
      by at any given moment is not about Judaism, but
      Christianity. It is a window dressing for
      Christianity that, whatever Christians want to
      believe, still adheres to Paul's ridiculous assessment
      of the Mosaic Law being a "curse". There is no basis
      in the Hebrew Scriptures for such a presumption. The
      Mosaic Law is a blessing, it is what sets the Hebrew
      people aside as God's Priestly people.

      Of course, there are many other aspects of the
      so-called "Jews for Jesus" movement that make it
      absolutely incompatible with Judaism, but the above is
      enough to establish it absolutely as abhorrent to the
      Jewish faith. God taught the Jewish people that the
      law is forever, not that it is a temporary thing.
      Jews, real Jews understand this. God also says that
      he is the God "I am", not the God "We are".

      This is a subject for which I feel great passion. I
      have looked at the "Jews for Jesus" movement as well
      as those who try to soften its image by calling
      themselves "Messianic Jews" or "completed Jews". It
      is a movement steeped in dishonesty and deception. it
      is financed by Christians, follows a dogma that is
      defined by Christians and seeks to pervert cultural
      Jewish symbolism and language into paganism. This is
      not to say that much of "mainstream" Judaism is not
      already rife with practices and beliefs that are way
      beyond anything God outlined in his scriptures.
      However, even the excesses of Judaism do not attempt
      to sway Jews away from their duty as God's priestly
      people the way that the "Jews for Jesus" movement

      The fault, though, is not in the Christians who try to
      "witness" to God's chosen people or even in those
      unfortunate Jews who are seduced to a belief system
      that is only marginally acceptable even for Gentiles.
      The fault lies squarely on the shoulders of the
      leadership of the so-called "reformed" or
      "conservative" Jewish movements. These movements have
      rejected much of the law that God gave Moses and in so
      doing choose not to teach their adherents from the
      Tanach but almost exclusively from the Talmud and the
      Midrash. Their adherents are told of the wonders of
      the Tanach, they are taught that it is the word of
      God, but they are taught nothing of what it says.
      Instead they are taught cute little Hebrew prayers and
      how to light a candle or what to say at which event.
      They are given exta-biblical accounts of stories from
      the Tanach without delving into the scriptures at all.

      When I meet a Jew who was raised as "conservative" or
      "reformed", I instantly think "potential convert to
      Christianity". For these people, the 600 or 800 or
      ten million (or whatever the number is this week)
      supposed "proof texts" that Christians love to trot
      out from their "Old Testament" are a convincing
      argument. They have never seen them before, never
      read them in context. They see them as Christians do,
      disjointed sayings that seem to point to whatever the
      Christian "teacher" wishes them to.

      On the other hand, Orthodox Jews teach their children
      from the Tanach. They thrive on scripture, they
      understand it, they read it daily as a light to guide
      them through the world. Interestingly, while I have
      seen many "Jews for Jesus" claim that they were once
      Orthodox Jews, I have yet to see that claim actually
      hold up. In truth it always turns out that maybe
      their parents were Orthodox or more likely, their
      grandparents were. Perhaps they have an aunt or an
      uncle who was, but they never were. When a Christian
      tries to show his "proof texts" to an Orthodox Jew, he
      gets a patiently induced chuckle, followed by a real
      explanation, in context, as to the meaning of the
      Scripture. Usually, then the missionary moves on to
      easier victims.

      Sadly, it is rare that the missionary really listens
      to the Jew, as I have. Yet, the scripture teaches
      that such will not always be the case. God says that
      one day ten gentiles of every nation will grab the
      cloak of a single Jew and say "teach us for you know
      God". He promised Abraham that through him all
      nations would be blessed. He did not say that one day
      the Jews would grab the cloaks of the Gentiles and ask
      for religous instruction because the Jews had it wrong
      all these years. He did not promise Abraham that
      through the Gentiles the Jews would one day be

      My greatest fear for the "Jews for Jesus" movement is
      that that day is coming when Gentiles, all the Jesus
      people and the Mohammid people and the Budha people
      and the Confuscious people and the Brahma people and
      the rest of the gentiles will beg the Jews, God's
      priestly people, for instruction on God, on the real
      God. What will these "Jews for Jesus" people be able
      to teach us? What will these Conservatives or
      Reformed Jews teach us? How to light a candle? How
      to say a prayer in Hebrew?

      --- "Robert M. Bowman, Jr."
      <faithhasitsreasons@...> wrote:

      > Mr. Tillman,
      > You wrote:
      > << Many of the leaders of "Jews For Jesus" are not
      > Jews, they're
      > Baptists. >>
      > No, they're both (Jews and evangelical Christians,
      > including, I
      > would presume, Baptists). True, they are not
      > advocates of the
      > religion known as Judaism. However, they are
      > ethnically and
      > culturally Jews, and they still honor the God of
      > Abraham, Isaac, and
      > Jacob as the only true God.
      > It's true that some of the members of Jews for Jesus
      > were not
      > especially devout in Judaism before their conversion
      > to faith in
      > Jesus as Messiah. But that's true of a lot of Jews
      > today--and I
      > doubt you would claim that they are not Jews,
      > either.
      > In any case, your argument is hopelessly _ad
      > hominem_. You are
      > dismissing their views because you claim they are
      > not Jews (even
      > though they are). Well, you're not a Jew, are you?
      > Shall we ignore
      > what you have to say on the subject?
      > In Christ's service,
      > Rob Bowman

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