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1754Re: Messianic prophecies unfulfilled

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  • wglmp
    Sep 6, 2007
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      > Paul was "recruiting" Gentiles to faith in Jesus in the 40s, at the
      same time that the Jewish Christian movement was growing and spreading
      throughout the Mediterranean world.<

      That may or may not be true. The EARLIEST likely date for the epistles
      of Paul is two or three DECADES after Jesus was said to have come and
      died. That is enough time for those who supposedly lived when Jesus did
      to realize, or at least suspect, that his "soon" return was too long
      delayed to likely occur "in that generation," and therefore the
      original Jewish followers returned to torah-true Judaism, which is when
      Paul wrote his epistles.

      "[T]he earliest writings in the New Testament are actually Paul's
      letters, which were written about AD 50-60, while the Gospels were not
      written until the period AD 70-110." The Problem of Paul excerpt from:
      The Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity by Hyam Maccoby
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