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1678Re: Imaginary Messianic Prophecies in the NT?

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  • Robert M. Bowman, Jr.
    Jul 8, 2007

      You wrote:

      A) Dude! It would seem some of us need to take a
      chill pill. After all, patience is a virtue.
      Perhaps I have a life OUTSIDE yahoo groups?

      I'm usually a very patient person. Take as long as you like to do
      the necessary reading and reflection before posting. I responded to
      what you posted, which reflected zero attention to what I wrote.

      B) I think I said that Darby is the only resource
      I have available to me OFF LINE, (that is to say,
      on CD-ROM), which had anything worth reporting.
      None of the other OFF LINE resources I have at my
      disposal were of any value in this area.

      Why bother posting about the weaknesses of what you found when I had
      already directed you to much better resources?

      C) Why would you say "I wish I could say I was
      surprised"? Is your advice ignored often? Or am I
      to assume you have had dealings with ME before,
      so that it is well known to you that I often
      ignore helpful advice?

      Yes, skeptics who tell me they are interested in seeing good
      responses to apparent biblical difficulties often ignore those
      responses when I offer them. As to whether I have had any dealings
      with you before, I have no idea, since you are not using any sort of

      D) Are we to understand the tone of your post to
      be "Christ-like" given that you sign your posts
      with "In Christ's service"? Maybe, since I seem
      to recall Christ answering people quite sharply
      when they asked something he didn't like having
      asked, or when they answered in a way he didn't
      like hearing.

      Gee, who really needs to take a chill pill? If a sardonic "I wish I
      could say that I'm surpised" offends you, Christ's denunciations of
      the hypocrites must really seem over the top to you. And do you
      actually claim that there is anything wrong with sharp words of
      rebuke, or is this an ad hominem criticism?

      You wrote:

      So, yes, maybe answering with a sharp tongue for
      a simple question IS what Jesus would do.

      Um...what was that simple question? My criticism was directed at
      your ignoring the resources I provided, not at any simple question
      you asked.

      In Christ's service,
      Rob Bowman
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