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1524Re: [biblicalapologetics] Re: Science and Satan

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  • Robert Nusom
    May 1, 2007
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      I accept your proposal. The worst thing that can
      happen is that we end up ranting back and forth about
      the true will of God. People of God should not find
      themselves wasting energy in hateful and
      counterproductive bickering and warring back and
      forth. Please know that such was never my intent,
      rather I responded only to what I perceived as a
      desire for academic debate and discussion. If you
      choose to find God through the Christian Testament,
      that is your right. Frankly, I am unaware of anything
      in it that is truly evil in the site of God. As I
      always do with Christians, I would caution against the
      practice of drinking blood, whether it is symbolic or
      real, as the revealed Scriptures that we both profess
      a faith in absolutely prohibit it. Likewise, a belief
      in Jesus as a part of the God-head is dangerously
      close to having other Gods before the true God.
      However, since Christians mitigate that fear by
      placing Jesus as only the son of God (and at the same
      time, God himself, and man and the Temple and
      sacrifice and the High Priest, etc. etc.) I can say
      that they do NOT place him ABOVE God. Aside from
      that, there is nothing in Christianity that I believe
      to be evil in the eyes of God, especially for
      Gentiles. My problem is simply that I was never
      really able to believe in it and thus was considered
      damned by the tenets of Christianity. Fortunately,
      the Hebrew Scriptures are far more forgiving and so I
      have been able to build a relationship with God
      through them.

      As to the nature of Satan or even of evil, well, that
      is really just a question of Dogma. If the Christian
      Scriptures teach you that Satan is the sion of
      ultimate evil, then such a belief is fine. My only
      point was to illustrate that such a view is a creation
      of the Christian Scriptures that has no foundation in
      the original word of God.

      Should you ever wish to discuss the nature of evil as
      the Holy Scriptures describe it, I am at your service.
      I will assume for the present that such a discussion
      is outside the limits of your comfort zone and will
      not send the scriptural references to it.

      As to your desire to discuss these matters only with
      Christians, I respect that completely. I first joined
      this group because I had hoped that there was someone
      who knew something that I didn't and that I could
      finally truly believe in Christianity. Sadly, such
      has not been the case. I remain because I have come
      to respect the Christians here for their beliefs and
      for the knowledge that so many in here truly
      illustrate. Admittedly, I also enjoy discussion and
      debate from time to time whereby I can be challenged
      to examine and re-examine my views. I have been shown
      to be wrong many times in here on many relatively
      minor issues. However, when it comes to the word of
      God and what it says, I become more and more convinced
      of his meaning with every discussion. So it is with

      As always,

      May God keep and bless you.


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