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1522Re: [biblicalapologetics] Re: Science and Satan - correction

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  • Robert Nusom
    May 1, 2007
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      Again, your logic has exposed a major omission in what
      I wrote before. When I said that I do not support the
      modern state of israel, I certainly did not mean that
      I would like to see it fall. I am happy to see a
      homeland where Jews can escape persecution. I too
      support the State of Israel in a political and
      humanist sense. I, however, do not have any faith in
      it in a Godly sense. It is the product of men, not of
      God. If it were a product of God then I believe
      things would be very different. Certainly, we can
      agree that it is a far cry from the Kingdom of God
      prophesied in the Hebrew Scriptures.

      Honestly, the State of Israel scares me. Looking at
      the history of the Jewish diaspora, one sees that
      whenever Jews have congregated together, whenever the
      non-Jewish rulers have shown the most tolerence to
      Judaism and the Jewish people, we find the experience
      ends in a holocaust. Spain, Germany and Russia each
      began with tremendous tolerence toward the Jews.
      Because of that, the Jews congregated in those areas
      and as they congregated, they were ultimately
      slaughtered. Wherever one sees the highest level of
      tolerence toward Jews, ultimately one will also see
      the greatest slaughter of them.

      Sadly, today the Jews of the world seem to be
      congregating again, instead of spreading throughout
      the world and "blessing all nations". One sees them
      particularly congregating in the United States and in
      Israel. I believe that there can be only one outcome
      to this situation. Ultimately, whether in 50 years or
      100 years or whatever, another holocaust will come
      down in these areas. God will disperse them. Sadly,
      I fear that that dispersal will make Hitler and Stalin
      and the Spanish inquisition and the Crusades look like
      complete amateurs by comparison.

      The fear and dread in me is strong that one day, my
      own ancestors will become some future equivalent of
      Nazi storm troopers, that my nation will one day
      slaughter the Jews in a torrent unmatched throughout
      history. I believe that it is the will of God that
      the Hebrew people be dispersed until the coming of the
      Messiah, that God and God alone can and will
      re-establish the Kingdom of Israel, that the effort to
      artificially create that State without the guidance of
      God will be punished and punished severely. I fear
      that my own country will be used as the instrument of
      that horrible and dreadful lesson.

      God told Abraham that through him all nations would be
      blessed. I believe that that is the ultimate theme of
      the Hebrew Scriptures, that all of the heros and
      villains and actions that are recorded in the
      subsequent books are simply the unfolding of how that
      promise was and continues to be kept. God's hand is
      still raised against the Jewish people. His anger has
      not yet subsided. When it does, he will send the
      Messiah and his Kingdom will be established in
      unending glory. Until then, they will remain
      dispersed and will live every day in fear of God's
      wrath. Yet, from that persecution, the Jews will have
      learned to hate evil, to desire the peace that God
      will bring them. They will remember the horrible
      lessons of bondage and selfishness and opression.
      They will have been forged as his priestly people, to
      be able to lead the world as our elder siblings in the
      love of God.

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