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1499Re: [biblicalapologetics] Paul, James, and biblical inerrancy

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  • Patrick Navas
    Mar 8, 2007
      Dear Rob,
      This is Patrick Navas. I wanted to ask you two questions, if you don't mind. I noticed in your book Why You Should Believe in the Trinity, you stated that you agree with the WT publication which argues against the term "elohim" being an evidence for "plurality" in God as it relates to the OT. In fact, I quote your comment in my book, Divine Truth or Human Tradition. My question is, why does ther plural term elohim, in your view, not support trinitarian doctrine?
      Also, do you agree with the argument of Robert Morey that the Hebrew term echad (Deut. 6:4) carries the connotation of "plurality in unity"? Or is this an erroneous argument in behalf of the Trinity, in your opinion?
      I would appreciate you expressing yourself on these matters.
      Patrick Navas
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