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  • bailysandy
    Nov 15, 2006
      --- In biblicalapologetics@yahoogroups.com, "Bob, Just call me Bob"
      <caliburndulac@...> wrote:
      > Greetings,
      > I was told something the other day in a bible-study
      > and it just absolutely amazed me. I wanted to see how
      > other people feel about it and get some perspectives.
      > The setting was a study on the nature of prayer, the
      > context of the issue began as a question of whether we
      > should direct prayer to Jesus or to God. Given my
      > obvious prejudices on the subject, I submitted
      > unequivicoly that prayer should be addressed to God.
      > The response amazed me. Many (perhaps even most...
      > and these are some pretty devout Christians) in the
      > group actually agreed with me, one of whom pointed out
      > that Jesus gave example of and even instruction in
      > prayer and that he both showed and instructed that
      > prayer was to the father.
      > I feel Jesus let us know many times He was God gor example b4
      Abraham was I am. He hinted wround to it all the time he probably
      wanted people to get what he was saying and think it through to come
      to that conclusion. That is why thry picked up stones to stone him.
      > The leader of the group then made the point (which is
      > the focus of my interest) that when Christ instructed
      > people on prayer, he had not yet accomplished the
      > purpose for which he came and therefore he could not
      > give the whole story. In other words, his instruction
      > was incomplete because he could not yet explain fully
      > that he was, indeed, God himself. I left it alone,
      > but it has bothered me ever since. Thusly, I just
      > wanted to throw the point out to some other Christians
      > to see where they stand on it.
      > My problem, of course, is that Christianity has
      > managed to essentially negate almost the entirety of
      > the "Old Testament" by saying that God played "I've
      > got a secret" all through it. Given that, now I learn
      > that Jesus played "I've got a secret" throughout the
      > vast majority of the Gospels (after all, very little
      > of his ministry comes after the crucifiction and
      > resurrection). Does that mean that Christians now
      > only have the books attributed to Paul, Timothy, Peter
      > and John to really trust for accurate information
      > regarding God?
      > I am not trying to be controversial here, I really
      > would like to know people's thoughts.
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