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1449Re: [biblicalapologetics] Re: ID logically implies non-ID, but u have none!

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  • Dave Wave
    Nov 8, 2006
      --- "Robert M. Bowman, Jr."
      <faithhasitsreasons@...> wrote:

      > Indeed, we have no problem finding examples of a
      > lack of intelligent
      > design ("non-intelligent design" could be
      > misunderstood to mean
      > design that is not intelligent). When a rock slide
      > occurs as the
      > result of natural processes, the consequent
      > positions of the rocks
      > are not the result of design. Innumerable additional
      > examples could
      > be given.

      By this you distance yourself from a large assortment
      of internet "apologists" who insist that
      non-intelligent design is an oxymoron, having assumed
      that "design" must always be inevitably linked to

      > If any advocate of ID has actually claimed that "God
      > intelligently
      > designed everything in the universe," that person
      > either misstated
      > or was speaking in a different context than what you
      > are construing
      > such a statement to mean. The usual ID position is
      > that God
      > intelligently designed the universe as a whole and
      > that his design
      > is evidentially supported by some specific phenomena
      > in the universe
      > (e.g., DNA), not that God intelligently designed
      > every specific
      > physical object that has ever existed and every
      > event of every type
      > that has ever occurred.

      Ok, now you are even further from the rest I've spoken
      to, who had no problems saying God intelligently
      designed absolutely everything in the universe.

      By the way, since Hebrews 1:3 says God upholds all
      things by the word of his power, and Jesus said not a
      bird will fall from heaven without the heavenly
      Father, doesn't this indicate complete oversight of
      the creation? How can God NOT have intelligently
      designed every last little bit of matter in the
      universe, in the biblical world view?

      Doesn't the Calvinist view accentuate this even more,
      even saying that every drop of rain is predestined to
      hit exactly where it does, or that rocks will break
      apart the way God wishes them to?

      --- Dave

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