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1443Re: ID logically implies non-ID, but u have none!

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  • Robert M. Bowman, Jr.
    Nov 8, 2006
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      Your post wasn't really germane to the purpose of this list, but I
      will allow a brief discussion and then close it when it seems

      You wrote:

      << There's theism and non-theism.
      There's humans and non-humans.
      There's numbers and non-numbers.
      There's planets and non-planets.
      There's empiricism and non-empiricism.
      So there's also intelligent design AND non-intelligent design.

      Since the existence of the one implies the other, it is also true
      that if you cannot find it's logical counterpart, it might be
      because the affirmation was wrong to begin with. >>

      Then again, there are valid arguments and invalid arguments.

      Your argument is akin to an art critic claiming that unless one can
      show that Leonardo da Vinci was responsible for the fading and
      cracking apparent in his painting of the Last Supper, we cannot
      attribute the painting itself to da Vinci or to any other artist.

      You wrote:

      << Since you are the one affirming intelligent design, you should
      have no more problem finding examples of non-intelligent design in
      the universe, anymore than she who affirms a left hand would have
      problems showing the existence of it's counterpart (the non-left
      hand, or the right hand). >>

      Indeed, we have no problem finding examples of a lack of intelligent
      design ("non-intelligent design" could be misunderstood to mean
      design that is not intelligent). When a rock slide occurs as the
      result of natural processes, the consequent positions of the rocks
      are not the result of design. Innumerable additional examples could
      be given.

      You wrote:

      << You may discover that your "God intelligently designed everything
      in the universe" mantra is a bit too inclusivistic, because it
      leaves no room whatsoever, for something that is logically
      necessary.....the non-intelligent design. >>

      If any advocate of ID has actually claimed that "God intelligently
      designed everything in the universe," that person either misstated
      or was speaking in a different context than what you are construing
      such a statement to mean. The usual ID position is that God
      intelligently designed the universe as a whole and that his design
      is evidentially supported by some specific phenomena in the universe
      (e.g., DNA), not that God intelligently designed every specific
      physical object that has ever existed and every event of every type
      that has ever occurred.

      I believe you are knocking down a straw man.

      In Christ's service,
      Robert M. Bowman, Jr.
      Manager, Apologetics & Interfaith Evangelism
      North American Mission Board
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