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1441ID logically implies non-ID, but u have none!

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  • Dave Wave
    Nov 7 10:58 PM
      There's theism and non-theism.

      There's humans and non-humans.

      There's numbers and non-numbers.

      There's planets and non-planets.

      There's empiricism and non-empiricism.

      So there's also intelligent design AND non-intelligent

      Since the existence of the one implies the other, it
      is also true that if you cannot find it's logical
      counterpart, it might be because the affirmation was
      wrong to begin with.

      Since you are the one affirming intelligent design,
      you should have no more problem finding examples of
      non-intelligent design in the universe, anymore than
      she who affirms a left hand would have problems
      showing the existence of it's counterpart (the
      non-left hand, or the right hand).

      You may discover that your "God intelligently designed
      everything in the universe" mantra is a bit too
      inclusivistic, because it leaves no room whatsoever,
      for something that is logically necessary.....the
      non-intelligent design.

      You can no more have ONLY intelligent design, than you
      can have ONLY one side of a coin.

      Of course the way out of this is to retract your
      belief that all things were intelligently designed.
      That would end the logical jam you are now in. But if
      you don't wanna give up your faith just yet, I'd like
      to see you produce evidence of stuff in the universe
      that was non-intelligently designed, because
      non-intelligent design is a logical NECESSITY, once
      you affirm intelligent design.

      Or, are you willing to live with a faith that affirms
      only one side of the coin, and actually DENIES the
      other side of it?,apologetics@yahoogroups.com

      --- Dave

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