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  • Ken Hutson
    Jul 19, 2006
      Hello to Louise and all,

      I'm sorry for this slow response, and will try to do better in the

      I was involved in the Unification Church, as a young man, for 1 1/2
      years from March 1975 to Sep 1976. I believe they have since changed
      their name. During that period, I spent a lot of time at their
      training facility in Barrytown, New York. When not there I was out
      fundraising and also, for a few months, I tried to recruit new
      members to join the church in California. I thank God that I was
      unsuccessful in that endeavor.

      My occasion for leaving the group was not doctrinal. It happened as a
      result of others prayers and the love of my parents. Right after an
      event at the Washington monument where Moon spoke, a large group was
      gathered at a park in preparation for dividing us into fundraising
      teams. I found myself with no heart to go. My parents had come up for
      the event, but leaders had kept me from seeing them. I had separated
      from the rest of the group and was walking down a road when my
      parents drove up. They didn't give up, and had been told where they
      might find me. By the grace of God, I gained permission to go home
      for a short period, and I never went back.

      It is not easy getting over such an experience. People who leave a
      cult have to face the pressure that they are turning away, not from a
      group, but from the will of God. As a young child I knew that God was
      real and had a salvation experience at 11, but I had no desire to
      pursue any quest for God or attend any church for several years.

      I left the cult at 21, and did not turn to God until I was 28. At
      this time, because of the prayers and testimony of my grandmother ( I
      am experiencing a lot of emotion as I write), I decided that if I was
      to die my fate would probably be hell. I fell on my knees and
      rededicated my life to Christ. This was the beginning of my new found
      life in Christ! I began reading the Bible and experiencing answers to
      prayers, and my joy of salvation progressed from there. Today, I am
      50 years old.

      Shortly after my rededication, I read a book by Hal Lindsey, "There's
      A New World Comming." As I was reading verses Hal quoted from the
      book of Isaiah, I KNEW there was only ONE unique MESSIAH, Jesus! Sun
      Myung Moon was not another Messiah, but a false messiah. God's Word
      had truly healed me of my past.

      For many years, I haven't met or kept in touch with any members of
      the Unification Church, but there are those who come up to my door
      from time to time who I know are in bondage that I try to help. One
      may not see any results, but I know that an accumulation of
      experiences with those who know Christ can have an effect.

      God bless,
      Ken Hutson

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      > Toejamken, I think it would be interesting to find out how you
      left the Moonies. Would you be so kind as to tell us your story and
      what let you to Christianity after believing that Moon was the
      > Louise
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