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1368Re: [biblicalapologetics] Re: Where does the NT abolish Exodus 22:18?

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  • Dave Wave
    Jun 10, 2006
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      --- tigerstripes_bdu <tigerstripes_bdu@...>

      > I'm not a member of any church but I can answer the
      > question
      > above. Yes, Paul stated that Christians must
      > comply to the
      > secular authorities. But Peter stated in Acts 5:29
      > that Christians
      > must obey God over men (secular authorities).

      Ok, then the secular law says murdering a person apart
      from self-defense is illegal...but the Old Testament
      says you must kill a witch.

      Are you going to obey God (kill witches) or men (don't
      kill witches).

      > In other words, Christians are to obey secular
      > laws that does
      > not conflict with God's laws and principles only.

      Ok, then is in this case, the modern law in America
      conflicts with God's biblical command to kill witches.

      You should obey God rather than man.

      --- Dave

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