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1367Re: [biblicalapologetics] Re: Where does the NT abolish Exodus 22:18?

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  • Dave Wave
    Jun 10 7:30 PM
      --- Paul Leonard <anotherpaul2001@...> wrote:

      > Just my two cents,
      > But the law on killing witches was given to
      > Jews/Israelites.

      So was the law against adultery.

      > In turn they were to handle it as
      > they did all other infractions. Bring the party
      > charged before the Elders at the city gates and if
      > found guilty stone that person, with the whole
      > community participating.

      What criteria do you employ to determine with ancient
      Israelite Laws apply to modern Christians and which

      For example, you believe "thou shalt not committ
      adultery" is for modern Christians, but not it's
      penalty of death, found in Leviticus 20:10.

      "If there is a man who commits adultery with another
      man's wife, one who commits adultery with his friend's
      wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be
      put to death."

      If you still have to obey the adultery law, how can
      you abolish the punishment prescribed by the same?

      Is god just in a better mood now that Jesus has died
      for everybody?

      > So if that law id to be obeyed it is to be obeyed
      > by Jews and in the proper manner as well. Since I
      > am not Jew I don't have to obey it, as I am not
      > under that law.

      Yes, you are under the law. If you didn't obey any of
      the 10 commandments, you would be shunned by
      Christians, as apostle Paul says they should shun you.
      To say that you are not under the Law, but that you
      must suffer disfellowshiping if you don't obey those
      laws, is a contradiction.

      You may as well insist that you are not under the
      speed limit law, and yet if you don't obey it, you'll
      still get a ticket just like everybody else does.

      Apostle Paul's "not under the Law" doctrine is a total

      > Maybe you should ask a Jew or even a messianic Jew
      > about it.

      Nope, I'm asking modern-day Gentile Christians. Since
      there are lots of laws that were given to ancient
      Israelites which YOU hold to today, your argument that
      the law for killing witches being given to the
      Israelites doesn't suddenly mean that Gentiles aren't
      to observe it.

      --- Dave

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