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1364Where does the NT abolish Exodus 22:18?

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  • Dave Wave
    Jun 8 12:28 AM
      For example:

      "You shall not allow a sorceress (witch) to live. "
      (Exodus 22:18)

      Where does the New Testament teach that THIS law is
      not to be obeyed by Christians?

      Some of you might refer to Paul's statement about
      obeying the laws of the land:

      "Let every person be in subjection to the governing
      authorities. For there is no authority except from
      God, and those which exist are established by God."
      (Romans 13:1)

      ...and then cite the state laws which forbid murder.

      But there are several problems with Paul's statement:

      1 - How about the Hindu law in the Nepalese
      constitution, and elsewhere such as Islamic countries,
      which forbid you from practicing Christianity? Are
      you going to obey that too? If not, then obviously
      Paul was wrong to say that the only authorities which
      exist were ordained by God.

      2 - God's sovereignty also allowed evil governments to
      exist, who forbid the practice of Christianity.
      Should you therefore do what they say in the name of
      Romans 13:1? No, so Paul was wrong for citing God's
      sovereignty as the reason you should obey secular

      So far, I find that the bible says to kill witches,
      with the New Covenant of Christianity saying nothing
      against it.

      Sure, the NT says "do not murder", but then again, so
      does the same OT, which also said to kill witches.
      All laws have their exceptions. Since we know that
      Exodus 22:18 would be an exception to the "do not
      murder" clause in Exodus 20, why shouldn't it be an
      exception allowed for under the New Covenant?
      Meaning, as a Christian, you don't generally go around
      murdering, but you CAN kill a person once it is proved
      they are a witch.

      Other than your fear of social embarrassment and going
      to jail...what exactly would be wrong with obeying
      Exodus 22:18 today?

      Basically this argument proves that today's Christians
      don't know what true persecution is, and that their
      true allegiance is not to the bible, whatever god may
      command of them. For when it comes to the issue of
      God demanding great sacrifice on their part, such as
      he did with Abraham, suddenly, it's modern theologians
      to the rescue, who insist that this law should be
      swept under the rug along with the laws on animal
      sacrifice. Sorry, ain't nothing in the NT that says
      Jesus fulfilled the Law of killing witches. You are
      just worried about going to jail, not obeying God's

      If you disagree, then show me biblical precedent for
      abolishing the biblical death-penalty for witches.

      --- Dave

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