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    Book Of Philomon This is the shorted of Paul s letters wbhich we hae in our Bible. It is mainly about three men. It was written By Paul (1:1) to Philomon (1:1)
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      Book Of Philomon

      This is the shorted of Paul's letters wbhich we hae in our Bible. It is mainly about three men. It was written By Paul(1:1) to Philomon(1:1) about Onesimus(1:10).

      Of these 3 men,Paul is the best known.He is a religeously devouted Jew (Gal 1 : 13).Paul was eagerly trying to gain salvation by keeping the law of Moses.He persecuted the church of God with out mercy and did his best to destroy it. Then a wonderful thing happened to him.While he was walking to Damascus Paulwas given a sight of God's son,the Lord JesusChrist. Paul learned that it is by God's grace we are saved through faith.It is not the result of our own efforts but God's gift.No one can boast about it(Ephesians 2:8,9)

      Romans is the long one. In philomon Paul was led by holy Spirit to give us a lovely picture ofwhat the good News really is,and how it works. A wise man who lived many years ago said that a picture is worth ten thousand words.This is true.

      Philomon :-

      Philomon was a personal friend to Paul. in fact he was saved bypaul.(1:19). Some guessings about philomon . he was a busiess man. He is rich enough to own some slaves.Christians used to gather in his house to worship God and for bible study.(v2) Appia(v2) was probably his wife and Archippus(v2) was his son.Philomon lived in the city called Collssae(now Turkey).Many of them are heathen and worshipped angels instead of real God.(Colosians 2:18) [e.g Yoga practice ]. Paul never visited Colossae[Col 1:4,9;2:1].so philomon may converted when Paul was in Ephesians for three years[Acts 20:13; Acts 19:26,].

      Philmon didnt think that he was too Good to need to be saved.He didnt think his riches would help to go to heaven.But he beleived Jesus Christ as personal Saviour and he was saved.So Paul mentiones Philomons faith(1:5). The result of faith is love.Philomon showed this love to all Gods People.(1:6,1:7).


      Onesiphorous means "Profitable"or "useful". He was a slave who belonged to philomon.He didnt belong to himself.He may be an young man. He planned to run away . But Rome was 100 miles away.He didnt have money!. So this seems to be what he did.(Verse 18).

      In Rome he met paul.He got trouble with the law and was put into the same prison where Paul was a prisoner. The result was Paul talked to him about jesus christ. Onesimus could not run away from the Lord.Paul (Spiritual father)had the joy of leading him to faith in the Lord Jesus(1:10)

      What a change came in Onesimous.He became a new man in Jesus Christ as mentioned in [II Corinthians 5:17]. He wanted to be with paul. He started loving the word of God. He desired to serve Paul in every way he could. Paul was very happy to have onesimous with him. He calls him "A dear and Faithful brother"[Colosians 4:19].

      But paul knew that Onesimous still belonged to Paul.It was nice for Philomon to serve Paul but it was nessasary to send him back to his rightful owner.and so Paul Told Onesimous that he was going to send him back to his owner Philomon.We can almost imagine Onesiphorous crying out "Oh! no Paul How can I face the man I have wronged? How can I ever go back"

      And this is what this letter is all about. Stay with us at Bible studies for an verse by verse study in Philomon

      With Love

      G John Thimothy

      Next Week :- Onesiphorous As a slave

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