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"Faith Alone? - Part 3" by Joseph Y. Lee

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    Faith Alone? - Part 3 By Joseph Yosuk Lee The correct formula in terms of our faith and works is: Jesus (Faith) = Justification (Salvation) + Sanctification
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      Faith Alone? - Part 3
      By Joseph Yosuk Lee
      The correct formula in terms of our faith and works is:
      Jesus (Faith) => Justification (Salvation) + Sanctification (Works) Eq. 1
      A closer analogy to the formula above is a chemistry
      formula of 2H2O => 2H2 + O2. You should avoid thinking
      like the 2 + 2 = 4 formula. Many Catholics are very
      critical of the Protestant 2 + 2 = 4 formula analogy
      when the Protestant formula implies below:
      Jesus (Faith) + Sanctification (Works) = Justification (Salvation) Eq. 2
      Many Catholics cite the Protestant 2+2=4 formula
      analogy to be flawed since Jesus (Faith) can be
      subtracted by Sanctification (Works) to be equal
      to Justification (Salvation). The Protestant
      2+2=4 formula does imply to be in error. To my
      chagrin, I do admit that the Catholics are actually
      correct when James 2:26 says, "For the body without
      the spirit is dead, so is faith without works is
      dead also." The Protestant analogy does imply 4-2=2,
      and it does seem to be in error. So, the Protestant
      2+2=4 formula cannot be correct in the context of
      what James 2:26 is saying.
      This is why the chemistry 2H2O => 2H2 + O2 formula
      is the superior analogy. If we rewrite the formula
      2H2O - O2=> 2H2 by having oxygen subtracting from
      water molecule, it would violate the laws of physics
      and chemistry. The O2 molecule cannot annihilate
      the oxygen atoms of water to produce H2 gas molecules.
      Another way of saying this in terms of physics is
      that the O2 molecule is not the anti-matter of the
      oxygen atoms of water. Hence, same applies to my
      chemistry Protestant analogy formula. Faith and works
      cannot annihilate each other, as implied by the
      Catholics rebuttal. Works and faith are in the same
      essence. Again, same applies to Trinity when the
      essence of God is the same for the Holy Spirit, God
      the Father, and the Son. For this reason, faith in
      God does produce salvation and works without any
      contradiction to James 2:26.
      Again, let’s examine the Catholic simple 2 + 2 = 4
      analogy. It is important that Jesus is infinite since
      He is God. Even though Jesus died as a man on the cross,
      He is infinite in the nature of being God. Catholics
      believe in the formula below:
      Works +Jesus (Faith) = Salvation   Eq. 3
      2 + 2 = 4
      Now, we agree that Equation 3 is paramount of the
      Catholic belief system. Next, let's look at Equation 4.

      Jesus (Faith) = Salvation - Works   Eq. 4
      2 = 4 - 2

      It seems obvious and ok, right now. However, look
      at Equations 5 and 6, and this will clearly show
      that Jesus is NOT infinite mathematically.

      Jesus (Faith) < Salvation - Works + Works    Eq. 5
            2 < 4  - 2 + 2

      Jesus (Faith) < Salvation   Eq. 6
            2 < 4

      Since nothing infinite is less than infinite or
      finite, Jesus (Faith) must be finite or else the
      Catholic belief system is in error. I am very sure
      that both Catholics and Protestants believe that
      Jesus is infinite in nature. However, the Catholic
      belief system such that works and faith in Jesus
      required together for salvation implies that
      Jesus is not infinite in nature. As a result,
      the Catholic belief system is in error.

      Biography of Joseph Y. Lee:

      University of Southern California
      Electrical Engineering, MS '04

      University of California, Irvine
      Materials Science and Engineering, MS '97

      University of California, Berkeley
      Physics and Math, BA '94

      He is currently working at Samsung Electro-Mechanics
      as a senior engineer working on package process, design,
      and layout since January 2005. He has authored and
      co-authored 7 papers and 4 patents. His hobbies
      include areas like the violin, piano, photography,
      computer repair, reading, and mountain climbing. In
      high school, he won honorable mention in Knoxville
      Youth Symphony Dogwood Arts Festival violin concerto
      contest and 1st place in the Oak Ridge Symphony
      Orchestra violin concerto contest with his younger
      brother Richard as his duet partner.
      Copyright - CHEMISTRY (CHristian E-mail MIniSTRY)
      Website: http://www.josephylee.org
      E-mail: JosephYLee@...
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