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Mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven - 1

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  • John Thimothy
    Mathew 13 talks about the Mysteries of Kingdom of heaven . It contains eight parables. Before going into the details study about the mysteries of kingdom of
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      Mathew 13 talks about the "Mysteries of Kingdom of heaven". It
      contains eight parables. Before going into the details study about
      the mysteries of kingdom of heaven we will see what prominent authors
      said about Mathew 13.

      "This is a crucial chapter in the Bible, one that every believer
      should seek to understand it thoroughly" - WARREN W WEIRSBE

      "There is perhaps no term in the scripture so largely used and so
      little understood as that of kingdom of heaven " – F W Grant

      What is the kingdom of God: It simply means the rule or government of
      God must have the kingdom to exercise his authority in order to
      fulfill His Purpose.

      A Logical starting point is understanding the word itself with in the
      word kingdom (basilea) there are three interrelated ideas which must
      be considered a biblical concept of the term

      The right to rule: The first of the concepts or ideas is the right to
      rule – the authority vested in a king, or the sovereignty or dominion
      granted to some one reigning over the kingdom.

      The idea is clearly seen in Christ's parable in Luke 19:11-27 esp.
      verse 12 says "Went to a far country to receive for himself a kingdom
      to return" (V12).

      The same idea is seen in revelation 17:12 where we read that "the ten
      horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom but
      who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the
      beast" notice the terms kingdom and authority (power) are used
      interchangeably. Then ten are given the right to exercise sovereign
      rule and share the same authority or power the beast exercises in his

      The realm of rule: The second concept is that of a realm in which
      ruling authority is exercised. This involves the subjects of one in
      the authority rather than authority it self. The Lords statement is
      that "The kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a
      people who will produce its fruit" (Mathew 21:43) shows that he has
      subject in view. The same idea is seen in announcement. "The kingdom
      of God is near. Repent and believe the Good news" (Mark 1:5). Because
      only people can repent, the kingdom must be include a realm in which
      kingdom and authority is exercised over people.

      The reality of rule: The third concept inherits the idea of kingdom
      is that of actual exercise of royal authority. Even if a sovereign
      has a right to rule and a realm in which to rule, there cannot be an
      actual kingdom apart from the active exercise of that authority
      The relationship between the processing authority and exercising
      authority is found in various contexts in the scripture. In Mathew
      16:19 Christ said to Peter "I Will give you the keys of the kingdom
      of heaven" It is clear in this statement that the authority Christ
      bestowed was to be exercised.

      Essentially to the meaning of the word kingdom is actual exercise of
      authority in a realm over which one has sovereign right to rule. If
      the exercise of authority is not in view the concept of kingdom is
      not present.
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