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[bible-studies] Philipians Chapter 3 : 1 - 3

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    Philipians 3 :1 Paul reckons there is nothing in this world that can be compared withthe heart s pursuit of God. There is a thrilling in Knowing Jesus. It
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      Philipians 3 :1

      Paul reckons there is nothing in this world that can be compared withthe heart's pursuit of God. There is a thrilling in Knowing Jesus. It gives you a tingle that nothing else can. Getting to know GOD better has to be seen as ultimate adventure

      Finally Philipians 3:1

      This is the opening word in Ch 3 of Paul's letter to a small band of beleivers living in Ancient philippi. Paul was not serious about his word "Finally". And to further confuse the issue, he is only starting the second half of the epistle according to the chapter divisions. Make you think doesn't it

      So, what does paul mean when he says finally ? Its is almost like a change in gear as he moves into overdrive. He keeps on going and he has no intention of applying the breaks just yet. He hasnot used the word in a conclusive sence; instead,it could read like this: As for the rest my brothers

      How many times your Bible Teacher said the Word Finally to U. But Still Continuing his Discussion . If you also face the same thing . Wait there is a Lot of Good Message for you from God

      Rejoice Rejoice Rejoice !

      If they didnt get the message the first time, paul was determined they would get it this time. That's why he says "Rejoice" in the Lord"(3:1). This is the underlying theme of this letter.

      Our happiness depends on happenings, but even when things being go wrong we can still have Joy. Paul's joy is such that circumstances cannot even change it. This joy is not artificial. It is nota thin veneer of Superficial smiles. IT is fixed and Rooted in the Lord. We may not be able to Rejoice in the Circumstances, but we can still rejoice in the Lord

      The apostle is really setting the tone for the rest od the chapter .They were not to rejoice in who they were and what they were and what they had done. They were to rejocie in Jesus Christ and all that He had done

      I beleive that you are all rejoicing in the Lord? If not come to the mercy of Jesus Christ and accept him as your Personal Saviour and attain the Peace and Rejoice in the Lord.

      Paul makes no apology for going back over old ground. He beleives that repetetion is the mother of all learning: if you say something often enough people eventually allow it to sink in and they will slowly come around to beleiving it. Hence his comment, "It is no trouble for me to write the same things to you again, and it is safegaurd for you (Phil 3:1).

      He never grew tierd of telling them to enjoy the blessings of God had given to them in the Lord Jesus, And So far as paul is concerned, joy should be near the top of the List.

      The Alarm bells are Ringing

      (Phil 3:2)

      Paul language is less than complementary when he sees what is happening inthe philippi. There is a hint of Realistic sarcasm in the tone of his voice as he labels false teachers for what they really are . He says "WATCH OUT" (3:2) the philipians were to be on their red alert , for the enemy was alive and well in their community. It is a challenge to them to be constantly on gaurd and looking over their shoulder as well as looking ahead. They have been warned.

      I suppose the tendency is for us to become so comfortable, so complacent, so cushioned in our Christianity that before we know it carelessness has swept like an unassaiable tidal wave into our lives.May be we are not as vigialnt as we ought to be or as consious of the enemy tactics as we should be. Paul Says beware.

      A Strong Language

      This is a strong language. Paul is bold and blunt; he brands them as "dogs, men who do evil... multilators of the flesh"(3:2).

      He is not talking about three different groups of people. He is describing the Same group in 3 different ways. He is refering to the Judaisers, whose religion was a mixture of Law and grace.

      When he refers to them as "dogs" paul doesnt have in mind the family pet that we pamper and play with. It's is not a "pedigree chum" kind of dog with a Cruft's medal hanging around his neck. No certainly not! He is talking about people In his days the orthodox Jews would call a gentile a Dog. Here paul refers to them as dogs. They are christians of canine vareity. Paul is not in a business of slinging mud at people. Nor is he calling names. He is, however, comparing these false teachers to dirty, disease carrying scavengers who are potentially dangerous. They will slap you at your heels. They will bark out their erroneous doctrines. They pose a menacing threat to any one who is unsuspecting. They are trouble makers. He speaks of them as "men who do evil" Jesus would refered them as Wolves in the Sheep's Clothing. These are the people who wringle and worm their way into a congregation and teach that a sinner is saved by faith plus good works. They are legalists.It is said of them that "Their messages are ful of exhortations to do more, to work harder to witness longer, to pray with great intensity, because enough is never enough."

      Oh, yes they may sing the Songs. they use the language of ZION, They are the grey pin-striped suit brigade.the smooth talker the well heeles, the eggervescent personality. Paul says beware of them as rhey peddle their wares. Dont be fooled!

      An interesting turn of phrase is applied to them when paul calls them "multilators of flesh". The word multilators refers to the cutting of circumcission. In other words, when these false teachers required the young beleivers to be circumcised in order to be saved, they are guilty of multilating the flesh of these bretheren, Their confidence was in the flesh. The fact of the matter is that the true christian has experienced a spiritual circumcission in christ.

      We already discussed about this in blessed timings with Holy Spirit - I) Please see at http://www.egroups.com/group/bible-studies

      he doesnt not need any fleshy operation. These men invite you come to christ with the Bible in one hand and a sharp knife in the Other hand.

      You can understand why paul was so hard on these man, They posed a very real threat to the people of God in the 1 st century. He knows if you give them an inch they will take more than customary 1 mile. Dont be hood winked.! dont be caufjt napping! dont be connedl they are only a bunch of Spiritaul Crooks. They are guilty of Spiritual piracy.

      So my dear freinds and Sisters please be Carefull. These days lot of False teachers will come. As the people in the Christian Assembly we ourselves have to be equipped with the BibleStudies

      Worship As it was meant to be:- (Phil 3:3)

      Paul communicates the simple truth to his friends in philippi when he shows the remarkable difference between them and the false teachers. It's a "them and the us " Situation. The glory in who they are and in what they are ; we glory in the person and work of our Lord Jesus. Says Paul

      we are the Circumcission (Phil 3:3)

      what a daring statement to make! Our Salvation is not something outward; it is a deep innerwork of the HOLY SPIRIT in the life of the Child of God. It is not found in religious ritual or ceremony. it lies exclusively in the finished work of Christ on Calvary. It is not For the Body - Its is a manner of Heart .HOW DO WE SHOW IT? By responding to God in Spirit. Paul Reminds us that we are those

      Who worship by the spirit ( Phil 3:3)

      True worship is conducted in the human heart in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. this finds an echo in the sentiments of Jesus Recorded as

      "GOD IS SPIRIT, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and Truth" John 4: 24

      and is also indicative of the desire expressed by KING DAVID in psalm 24 : 4

      He who has clean hands and a pure heart , who has not lifted up his soul to an idol,nor sworn deceitfully.

      when we are occupied with him when we become taken in with him when he becomes ceternal in our love and devotion, this can only happen by the spirit within

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