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A suitable candidate for liberation (Chapter 2 Text 68)

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  • prateek sanwal
    Hare Krishna Friends, Chapter 2: Contents of the Gita Summarized                                                     
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2013
      Hare Krishna Friends,
      Chapter 2: Contents of the Gita Summarized


                                                                    TEXT 68

                                                     tasmad yasya maha-baho
                                                          nigrhitani sarvasah
                                                       tasya prajna pratisthita

      tasmat--therefore; yasya--of one's; maha-baho--O mighty-armed one; nigrhitani--so curbed down; sarvasah--all around; indriyani--the
      senses; indriya-arthebhyah--for the sake of sense objects; tasya--his; prajna--intelligence; pratisthita--fixed.

          Therefore, O mighty-armed, one whose senses are restrained from their objects is certainly of steady intelligence.

      As enemies are curbed by superior force, similarly the senses, can be curbed not by any human endeavor, but only by keeping them engaged in the service of the Lord. One who has understood this--that only by Krsna consciousness is one really established in intelligence and that one should practice this art under the guidance of a bonafide spiritual master--is called sadhaka, or a suitable candidate for liberation.

      Source: Bhagavad Gita As It Is by HDG. A.C. BhaktiVedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada
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