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Happy Damodara Month to all - Deepotsava festival

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    Hare Krishna Friends,                                                                    We
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2009

      Hare Krishna Friends,



      We wish you all a very happy and prosperous Karthik Damodar month.During the month of Karthika all the devotees offer ghee lamps to Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Damodar to celebrate the spiritually enlivening month-long Deepotsava festival accompanied by soul-stirring devotional music.

      It is celebrated by singing a very enchanting song on the Damodara lila of Lord Krishna, the pastime of mother Yashoda binding child Krishna to the grinding mortar. Lord Krishna came to be known as Damodara due to this pastime.


      Once mother Yashoda was letting her lovely son Krishna suck her breast. Suddenly she saw the milk on the stove overflow, so she immediately put Krishna down and went to set the overflowing milk pan in order. Child Krishna, for His own pleasure, became angry due to being abandoned in that manner by His mother. So He broke the pot of butter kept there for churning and ate the butter in a secluded place. Mother Yashoda sought Krishna all over. She found a big wooden grinding mortar, which was kept upside down, and she found her son sitting on it. Krishna saw her coming to Him with a stick in her hand, and immediately He got down from the grinding mortar and began to flee in fear.



      Mother Yashoda chased Him all around the garden. Although she was tired, she somehow reached her naughty child and captured Him. Mother Yashoda then threw away her stick. In order to punish Him, she endeavored to bind Him up to the wooden grinding mortar. But when she tried to bind Him, she found that the rope she was using was short by two fingers. She gathered more ropes from the house and added to it, but at the end she found the same shortage. In attempting to bind her son, she became tired. She was perspiring, and the garland on her head fell down.


      Then Lord Krishna appreciated the hard labour of His mother, and being compassionate upon her, He agreed to be bound by the ropes. Krishna, playing as a human child in the house of mother Yashoda, was performing His own selected pastimes.



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