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Question & Answer (GM:Amit ) ...The Kingdom of the Blind

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  • prateek sanwal
    Hare Krishna Friends, Please welcome Teresa in our group. ========== Hi, my name is Teresa. I know very little but would like to learn all that I can.
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      Hare Krishna Friends,

      Please welcome Teresa in our group.
      Hi, my name is Teresa. I know very little but would like to learn all
      that I can

      Question by Amit (Group Member)

      Hello Sir !

      Reading your mails for quite sometime now. Initially little reluctant to go through your mails, but now reading them regularly, i feel they make some sense somewhere.I at times wonder what has happened to this world. People have become crazy after success and money. The earlier day in office i had a conversation about the same topics with my friends, i realized, most of them know some where something is going wrong. They at least know all is not going well with the modern day civilization. I tried telling them about spiritual approach to the same problems after reading your mails, but no body ready to accept spiritual facts, as they say who beliefs in religious old text books.

      My question is why people turn blind towards spiritual matters despite having capability to understand them.

      Jai Sri Krishna

      Ans: (by Moderator)
      Hare krishna Amit, first of all, many many thanks for reading mails of this group and asking such a wonderful question. Had this not been my question and sadness i developed seeing the pathetic condition of current human society, I would have never ever started this yahoo group where now more than 2000 people are members. Your concerns are valid and people are working towards making people knowledgeable on spiritual matters in a collective manner through organizations such as Iskcon. Returning to your question which was with me for some time, but yesterday i received a mail from another group Talavan, worth sharing with all, which answers your question to certain extent, enjoy reading it !
      Let me know if it helped.

      The Kingdom of the Blind (Courtesy Talavan)

      Once upon a time there flourished a civilization, cut-off from the rest of
      the world by mountains. But as providence would have it, an epidemic disease
      purged the entire population in to hereditary blindness. Generations passed,
      and a new way of life evolved to cope with this challenge posed by material
      nature. Life went on without an event until a traveler lost his way in to
      this ‘Kingdom of the blind’.

      From amusement to amazement to sympathy – the traveler and the residents
      were swept by the same sequence of emotions. The traveler was amused at the
      sight of a completely blind civilization, then amazed at the evolved
      lifestyle before being submerged in sympathy- these people were missing so
      much of the variety of life! The residents were equally amused at the
      arrival of an alien who ‘felt’ exactly like them. They were amazed when he
      spoke of the world beyond the valley. But when he spoke of things like
      ‘seeing’, they were sympathetic and considered the man crazy. ‘Vision’ had
      become a concept of the fairy tales, a mythological phenomenon!

      Just as the valley was disconnected from the outside world, this world is
      disconnected from the spiritual world. All the scriptures of the world speak
      of the Kingdom of God. And the world, where we presently reside in, is
      described only as a temporary place, characterized by forgetfulness of our
      connection with that divine realm. The scriptures provide us with the vision
      to visualize the spiritual domain and also give us the lifestyle to attain
      that. But especially in the present age, which is called ‘Kali yuga’, the
      epidemic of irreligion is predominant and people have lost faith in the
      scriptures. Thus they are spiritually blind. A new lifestyle has now evolved
      which bases itself on modern scientific theories like the ‘Big Bang’ and the
      Theory of evolution’.

      Founder acharya of Iskcon, Srila Prabhupad, when he first reached the shores of the United States,
      wrote a poem “Märkine Bhägavata-dharma”. A stanza from that poem reflects
      the thoughts of the ‘visitor from the spiritual world’ when he sees a
      ‘blind’ civilization.

      “Most of the population here is covered by the material modes of ignorance
      and passion. Absorbed in material life, they think themselves very happy and
      satisfied, and therefore they have no taste for the transcendental message
      of Väsudeva. I do not know how they will be able to understand it.”  Srila

      Prabhupada was feeling sympathetic.

      Just as ‘vision’ was a mythology in the valley, many scriptural concepts
      seem to be mythological to the people of this world– beings with
      supernatural features and powers, ages wherein people had extraordinarily
      long durations of life, lands of talking animals etc.  They find these
      subject matters difficult to understand. The Mahäbhärata therefore says,
      acintyäù khalu ye bhävä na täàs tarkeëa yojayet. (Mahäbhärata, Bhéñma-parva
      5.22) ‘How can that which is beyond the imagination or sensory speculation
      of mundane creatures be approached simply by logic?’

      Our logic often fails when we apply it to areas we have no experience in.
      For example, when a student of Newtonian mechanics tries to solve a problem
      in the sub-atomic domain, which consists of very small particles, he will
      find his logic failing repeatedly. Newtonian mechanics can deal only with
      big objects, whereas one needs Quantum mechanics to deal with subatomic
      . But he gains faith in the validity of the latter when formulae of
      quantum mechanics are applied to big objects; the results match with that
      obtained using Newtonian mechanics.

      Similarly we can gain faith in the scriptures when they deal with subject
      matters within our experience and then on the basis of that faith, we can
      ‘see the invisible’.

      The Vedas, which were compiled five thousand years ago, provide us with
      information’s which are relatively recent scientific discoveries-
      Description of the  development of the human embryo within the womb, Earth
      consists of seven continents, Earth is round in shape, fire bacteria etc.

      Besides, the Bhagavad Gita even deals with  the dynamics of our life within
      this world- eating habits, working habits, living habits, work environment
      etc. One can practically experience a more peaceful and happier life when
      these principles are taken in to consideration. And the efficacy of the
      mahamantra, Hare Kishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/ Hare Rama
      Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, which is the recommended mantra for this age,
      is something which anyone can experience within a short period of regular

      Therefore unless one takes steps to understand the subject matter of the
      scriptures by practical application, one misses so much of the ‘variety of
      life’ due to spiritual blindness.

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