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436Appeal from Param Eeshwaran Rama Krishnan (Group Member)

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  • prateek sanwal
    Mar 18, 2013
      Hare Krishna Friends,

      Here is what Param Eeshwaran Rama Krishnan wants to say to the whole group.

      Hi Prateek. I have been reading your mails regularly and always liked it. But never realized being a part of a BG class or group.
      It will be nice if members in this group get inspired to feedback with their own perspectives or application of each shloka as we go along. I will try to do it from now on and let us see how it is received by all.
      Hare Krishna

      Moderator: It's 7 years back when this service of sending Shlokas started. As a moderator we do not expect any glorification or appreciation. But certainly it will be great if members share their experiences with others. We will publish them in this forum so that others can also read and get benefited. Thanks to Param Eeshwaran Rama Krishnan, who wants to do this service.

      A humble request: Please help us in adding interested souls to these groups and thus giving them opportunity to be part of this divine journey. You can mail email ids to prateek2377@...

      Your servant and ever well wisher,
      Moderator - Premadata Gaur Das (Prateek)