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Re: TAC NEWS from Vince!

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  • mike_yared
    Thanks, Vince. Everyone, I m Mike Yared. I worked at Bayern in 1984 and 1985. Just returned from Camp PMI at Goshen with my son s Webelos Den Pack. Mike
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 25, 2007
      Thanks, Vince.

      Everyone, I'm Mike Yared. I worked at Bayern in 1984 and 1985.

      Just returned from Camp PMI at Goshen with my son's Webelos Den Pack.

      Northern VA
      formerly Troop 427, Vienna, Austria,
    • Robert Zadina
      Thought you would be interested about TAC today! TAC NEWS from Vince! Dear TAC Alumni,It is always a pleasure to know that so many Scouts and Scouters had a
      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 28, 2007

        Thought you would be interested about TAC today!

        TAC NEWS from Vince!

        Dear TAC Alumni,

        It is always a pleasure to know that so many Scouts and Scouters
        had a positive experience as youth and as leaders in our council. For
        some Scouters many years have gone by since their last TAC experience
        but still count themselves as TAC Scouters. I would like to give you
        a brief update on what is happening, and also to ask for your
        support! It was also obvious from the few encounters last week at the
        BSA National Meeting that there is interest in what is happening at
        TAC and also some interesting rumors.

        Our former Scout Executive, Dan Adams, was selected to serve as
        the Scout Executive for Hawk Mountain Council in Reading, Pa. Dan and
        Carol are doing very well, and miss TAC but are very busy getting a
        new home set up and working with the great Scouters in that council.

        When it came time for our Executive Board to form a Selection
        Committee to find a new Scout Executive, there were some important
        questions that needed to be answered. What type of logistical support
        can be provided over the next four years or more? What does the
        overall funding picture look like? Will TAC begin to stabilize its
        membership (we have lost nearly 40% of our traditional membership in
        three years)?

        Where will the office be located? It was decided that until those
        questions could be answered that the council would be served by the
        Assistant Scout Executive who would become the Council Administrator
        who would be supported by the Area Director. So TAC has a Council
        Administrator whose job it is to work with the Board and our military
        leadership to resolve the challenges that prevented the hiring of a
        Scout Executive.

        Where are we?

        Legislation will be going forward to resolve the issues
        involving logistical support. Right now, the provisions are being
        reviewed by BSA before being introduced either for FY 2008 or FY
        2009. We want to make sure that the legislation is right and that it
        does not cause more problems than it solves. There are other
        possibilities for solutions that are also being worked by our
        military leadership.

        The MWR funding is being reviewed and it is agreed that our
        funding will be based on our need to have the right number of
        personnel in professional and administrative positions to serve our
        communities rather than a strict per youth member contribution. This
        should be a positive move to enable us to have enough unit serving
        executives and administrative staff to fiscally maintain a council as
        long as we have sufficient numbers of youth and volunteers involved.
        We are also re-introducing popcorn sales so we can do our part to
        help raise additional funds to support our goals in supporting youth
        and our volunteers.

        In May 2007, TAC had its first increase in Cub Scout membership
        in five years. We have a 5% increase in total membership but a 4 %
        decrease in traditional membership (need additional Boy Scouts and
        Venturers). This though is a positive trend from our double digit
        losses during the previous three years. Although there will still be
        some community closures, they should be off-set by growth in other
        areas. We are not finished with transformation, but hopefully we have
        already passed the worse. With fewer communities to serve, we will do
        a better job on bringing our message to the youth and adults in those

        We originally thought we would be in our new offices near
        Ansbach, Germany in late August or September. There are some glitches
        at the moment that are being worked. We are not sure where we will be
        and when. In the mean time we will do all we can to serve our
        volunteers from our current location.

        This should be the last year for Camp Freedom with the new camp
        being located on the same property as the Council headquarters.
        Again, many of the engineering issues are in-progress. The camp and
        headquarters once built would put our camp in easy distance of most
        of our communities in Germany. We will all mourn the loss of Camp
        Freedom, site of so many memories for our Scouts and Scouters, but
        will work to keep the Freedom spirit alive wherever we will be. We
        may also be able to do a better job with a year-round council camping
        program with a new facility.

        Some Good News

        Over 50 Scouters are registered for Wood Badge William
        Kavanaugh our Council Commissioner was honored with the Silver
        Antelope Award at the BSA National Meeting (highest honor bestowed
        upon a volunteer by a Region) We had a great district conference in
        Oberammergau where 4 Scouters received the Silver Beaver Award (Maria
        Lock, Kitty Hamberg, Sue Horsfall, Leigh Jackson)

        Our OA Lodge is strong with over 160 Scouters scheduled to attend
        our Lodge Fellowship Our Friends of Scouting campaign has raised
        more dollars this year than in 2006. Mayflower District has raised
        the most money of any district in TAC history with over $66,000
        pledged to date.

        We have had wonderful district camporees including a 'tri-district'
        camporee in Heidelberg hosted by Rheingold District, a 100th
        Anniversary of Scouting celebration at Brownsea Island by Mayflower
        District, an all Med Camporee organized by Troop 53 (Sigonella) held
        in Naples, and a fun in the Netherlands organized by Troop 100 of

        We have good numbers of Scouts attending our three Scout Camps, and
        Cub Scout Resident Camp is full. We are on track for Normandy 2008
        to be held 25-27 April in Port en Bessin.

        A Final Note and how you can help!

        A disturbing rumor is that TAC is scheduled to become part of
        Direct Service. There is no intent in the BSA leadership or among our
        volunteers and professionals to permit ourselves to be put into that
        position. We will be financially strong, and will serve our
        volunteers and youth in such a manner that any thought of closing
        down TAC is considered to be absurd. We are and will continue to be
        thanks to our great volunteers and military leadership a strong and
        viable council.

        You can help by supporting our Friends of Scouting campaign. We
        hope you will continue to support your local council but if you are
        in a position to support us, your support is needed. Although we have
        exceeded last year's goal and are still working with our local units
        for June presentations, we are still $30K short of our target.

        You can send your contributions to

        Transatlantic Council, BSA
        Unit 29242
        APO AE 09102

        Or if you still don't live in the U.S.

        Transatlantic Council, BSA
        Stem Kaserne, GEB 1002
        D 68232 Mannheim

        You can also contribute on-line (and also designate your district) at

        https://www. tac-bsa.org/ finance/fos_ card_online. htm

        We do have some great recognition items!

        $50-$99 Special TAC Patch (Round)

        $100-$249 TAC Council Shoulder Patch 'A Scout is Kind'

        $250-$499 A special TAC coin (5' Diameter)

        $500-$999 A special collection of 12 council shoulder patches of
        countries we serve or have served

        $1000+ All of the above plus a special donor's jacket
        (please indicate size)

        We also have a special 100th Anniversary of Scouting Council
        Shoulder Patch that is $10.00 per patch and can be ordered at

        https://www. tac-bsa.org/ scout_shop_ tacitems. htm

        You can also help by spreading the word and forwarding the news
        to other TAC Scouters who you know and are interested in helping us
        to serve our US families living overseas!

        Yours in Scouting,

        Vincent P. Cozzone
        Council Administrator
        Transatlantic Council, BSA

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