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RE: [BHAC Alumni Association] Staff Week begins.. or at least it should....

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  • John Maddock
    Dave That was a great message! It defiantly took me back. Hope all is well with all BAHC staff, especially the ones I new in the summers of 90, 91, 92. John
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2006
      That was a great message!  It defiantly took me back. 
      Hope all is well with all BAHC staff, especially the ones I new in the summers of 90, 91, 92.
      John "Hans" Maddock
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      From: David Fabie [mailto:dpfabie@...]
      Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2006 8:10 PM
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      Subject: [BHAC Alumni Association] Staff Week begins.. or at least it should....

      Maybe it's the weather. No it isnt that. Although the weather here
      in Northern CA has been particularly German-esque lately. For a
      while I thought it might all the focus on Germany this week as the
      World Cup begins there, but that wasn't it either...

      It always seems to hit me this week. Intellectually I know full
      well that it's been fifteen years, but part of me still looks at the
      calendar this week and starts thinking about lists of things that
      need to be done. Program inventories, travel arrangements for staff
      coming in from the states, campsites to set up and mountains to gaze
      at and other 'mountains' to move.

      This week always will be Staff Week.

      This part of june will always "feel" like we all should be getting
      Camp ready. I can see Todd Allen,PJ Jurack, Scott Baum (Who is in
      Iraq now so your thoughts and prayers for his safe return are always
      in order...), Mike Orr, Dale Wills, and even Toby Ellwood (welcome
      to the group by the way Toby!) Dave Eaton, and John Hardy coming
      back to Keans lodge sunburned and bedragled after a day out on the

      I close my eyes and see Ben Coleman getting his figer printing merit
      badge gear ready. Tom Slavicek going over Trading Post orders with
      Dave and Betty Perry. Rick Schmidt looking skeptically at my
      staff week schedule with that "are you sure wanna do ALL this?" look
      on his face, and I can see a group of CIT's hanging out in staff
      area, talking about what movie was playing at the Kino, excited
      to "away" from home for the summer.

      I close my eyes and I can hear James Manuel's old van loaded with
      computer equipment pull up in front of the lodge. I hear Stimie
      telling staff to get their clothes out of the Coz, and if I listen
      very carefully ... I hear the faint distant clang of a cow bell.

      Jack Stephens once teased me that in many ways Bayern
      was "Haunting" me still. I prefer to think of it as carrying the
      best part of that chapter of my life with me. I tell friends (many
      who still don't believe the stories I tell them), that staffing BHAC
      was the best job of my life. I got do exactly what I love doing
      with the best people anyone could ever have assembled anywhere, to
      do it with.

      So somewhere out all of those images, hidden among the Duce and a
      halves, the tierheim. the commissary boxes , the faint odor of burnt
      photocopier toner coming from the office, the fest tables, the
      Schranks, and cots and tents.... somewhere from out of the middle of
      all that, come memories that even today, remain more vivid than any
      video or photograph could ever capture.

      So on this 11th of June.... I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy
      staff Week.

      Dave Fabie

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