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Dan Adams' letter to TAC Units

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  • David Fabie
    Transatlantic Council Boy Scouts of America 20 November 2004 Dear Transatlantic Council Scouters, Most of you have probably heard or read of the results of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004
      Transatlantic Council
      Boy Scouts of America

      20 November 2004

      Dear Transatlantic Council Scouters,

      Most of you have probably heard or read of the results of the
      American Civil Liberties lawsuit against the Department of Defense
      concerning DoD's support of the Boy Scouts of America. We are
      heartened by the positive response given by the Installation
      Management Agency-Europe in today's issue of Stars and

      "We plan to continue our current support to the Boy Scouts and Girl
      Scouts, which includes such things as: facilities to conduct regular
      meetings and recreational activities, and to store supplies, local
      military telephone service, health care during scouting activities in
      accordance with applicable service regulations, and space-available
      use of youth services equipment," according to Millie Waters,
      spokeswoman for the Installation Management Agency-Europe.

      Based on BSA legal counsel and advice from our regional office, the
      only change that will occur will be in the area of Chartered
      Partnerships. The Executive Officer (head of) of our Chartered
      Organizations and Chartered Organization Representatives are
      appointed positions. DoD components will be directed to sever
      chartered partnerships with our individual scouting units (packs,
      troops, crews). This will not affect our units sponsored by churches,
      Parent Teacher Organizations, American Legion, VFW and other like
      minded civic organizations.

      The following is our advice to our unit leaders whose units are
      sponsored by Department of Defense Organizations.

      1. If a DoD component Chartered Organization charters BSA programs,
      units should seek out civic minded organizations who wish to charter
      the finest youth program in the world. We believe these type of
      organizations can be found in most communities.

      2. The BSA has long recognized the right of private citizens to
      organize a Scout association for the purpose of chartering a BSA
      program. A unit committee could charter their unit by becoming the
      Friends of Pack 123. We hope this would be a short term solution and
      that eventually we would find a chartered organization that will
      bring outside resources to support local leadership.

      We believe that the best long term solution in our DoD communities
      will be to invite individuals who share Scouting's beliefs and values
      to form a private association for the purpose of chartering and
      supporting local scouting units. We would hope that that many
      individuals who benefited from Scouting as a youth, and those who
      believe in what we do will join to create an even stronger
      organization working locally on behalf of our volunteers and youth.
      We will keep you informed as additional information becomes
      available. We will also be seeking long term solutions to this and
      future issues that affect the Scouting program in Europe. A positive
      element from what has transpired is the messages of support that we
      continue to receive from DoD's senior leadership in Europe who care
      deeply about you and your families. Everyone is approaching this with
      a single purpose and that is to find a solution that has a minimal
      impact on the good work you are doing as volunteers.

      As we approach Thanksgiving, we are grateful for your efforts. We
      wish you and yours a very happy holiday. Our youth are blessed to
      have such caring and dedicated role models.

      Yours in Scouting,

      Daniel J. Adams
      Scout Executive
      Transatlantic Council, BSA
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