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Jason Jurack Update - Great Story on CNN

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  • David Fabie
    THanks to PJ For passing this on! ... Friends and family: Jason has now been in Iraq for 11 months and is hopeful that he will be home by his daughter s 6th
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2008
      THanks to PJ For passing this on!

      Friends and family:

      Jason has now been in Iraq for 11 months and is hopeful that he will
      be home by his daughter's 6th birthday on March 18. CNN recently
      featured Jason and members of his unit distributing wheelchairs to
      needy Iraqi children. The link to the article is listed below. The
      video can be accessed from that site or from the link listed in
      Jason's e-mail. Jason is in the video, but only for a few seconds,
      appearing over the left shoulder of Samira Al-Ali (her left shoulder,
      to your right) while she is being interviewed.


      For whatever reason, the other link Jason listed in his e-mail does
      not go through. As a result, if you click on the link below you can
      see a picture of Jason with Brad Blauser.


      Hope everyone is well. -P.J.

      From: dustoff_j@...

      ok so i had this long email witten and it deleted everything i wrote
      when the net went down so ill try again and hit the high points. i
      have been working on this wheelchair project for the last 11 months,
      we ordered 100 wheelchairs that are fitted for each child. Fox news
      covered the first hand out which was only about 10 chairs. this time
      CNN covered it and we fitted 55 iraqi kids for chairs. you can visit
      the link below to see. i cannot access it so i think i am on there
      but i dont know. you can also see wheelchairsforiraqikids.com and
      see a pic of me with Brad Blauser the gentleman who helped me to make
      this happen. the child in the picture is one of 2 identical twins
      that we fitted for a chair. her smile brightened my day everytime i
      looked at the picture i realized i didnt have it that bad. I thank
      God every day that i was born in the greatest country in the world
      and afforded the best things in the world including medical care. ok
      so thats pretty much it in a nutshell. i have abouit 5 more chairs to
      get rid of and plan to do it before i leave this country. the chairs
      cost about $2000.00 a peice but you can go to the site and check it
      out if you like. Brad and his company presented me with a beautiful
      crystal huminatarian award for my efforts this year for the
      wheelchair and everything else i have done by providing drinking
      water, schools, irrigation canals, farmers coops, security, economic
      stability-or inflation--- and several other things to the iraqi
      people in the Zaidan, Abu Ghraib, Radwaniyah, Hamid Shaban, Al Dhour,
      Mahmudiyah, Yusifiyah, and several other areas SW of Baghdad. Ill be
      home soon, and cant wait.

      love to all

      http://www.cnn.com/video/# /video/world/2008/02/15/damon .iraq.kids.wh
      eelchairs.cnn ?iref=videosearch

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      Hey Guys -

      The piece is airing as of 6pm our time, 10am EST...it will air
      repeatedly over the next 24 hours, and be posted online. There is
      also a dotcom write up that should post on our website at around the
      same time. It will also be on our "Impact your world" site soonest.

      Thanks for everything that you are doing. Already getting emails
      from our bosses back in Altanta saying that they loved the piece and
      they were in tears...

      All the best -

      CNN International
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