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83A very important message from Joshua Jurack...

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  • David Fabie
    Sep 18, 2006
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      Hello Family and Friends!

      I am trying to raise money for my school. Please take a look at this
      email I am forwarding and see if there is anything you might like.
      Our school sale ends on Wednesday, October 4.

      Ames Elementary PTA (#115157)
      Riverside, IL


      Joshua Jurack
      My school's Annual Fundraiser with Innisbrook has begun! Innisbrook
      Wraps has great gift wrap, fun gift wrap accessories, delicious
      gourmet foods, fine Helen Grace Chocolates, Time Inc. magazine
      subscriptions, unique gift items and more.

      For every item that is purchased, Innisbrook will donate a percentage
      of the purchase price to my school. I also earn prize credits for
      every item sold except school supplies. The more prize credits I
      earn, the more prizes I win!

      Attached is a link to the Innisbrook website. Please visit the site
      and consider making a purchase on my behalf. Our sale will be over
      soon, so hurry and place your order.

      Thanks for your help!

      Joshua ID # I111817B

      Double click the link below to visit Innisbrook.com and they will
      recognize me and my school automatically.


      If the above link does not work -
      Click below
      Enter ID # I111817B