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63Bayern August 2005

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  • David Fabie
    May 23, 2005

      We have gotten email from a number of folks (12 to be exact)
      asking if it would possible to move the next BHAC reunion from
      this August to NEXT August (2006) reasons for this ranged from
      conflicts with the National Jamboree (most common reason cited) to
      the current Dollar-Euro exchange rate which makes travel to
      Europe this summer more expensive.

      To be honest, When the dates were originally set two years ago, we
      had forgotten that this was also a Jambo Year. A guiding
      principle for other national scouting events (NOAC, Philmont
      Treks etc) has always been you dont conflict with the National
      Jamboree either directly or indirectly (by making people choose
      between one of the other.) SO..... that having been said The
      BHAC Alumni Association certainly wouldn't want someone who
      would otherwise be at the National Jamboree to NOT go so they
      could attend a BHAC reunion.

      There will be a Mini BHAC Reunion held in conjuction with the OAA
      reunion at the National Jamboree. Information on the OAA reunion
      is available from Tom Slavicek.

      And since Todd Allen would quickly point out the "actual" 20th
      Anniversary of BHAC (though not "Chronological") is 2006 and not
      2005 Let's plan on the THIRD week of August 2006 in GAP.

      Thoughts? Comments? Rants & Raves?