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52BHAC Alumni Association Request

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  • Vincent Cozzone
    Jan 5, 2005
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      Greetings and Salutations!!
      Some of you who worked at BHAC in the early years may remember Russ Gupton. Russ was a Ranger during my years (85-86) with BHAC. I think he along with his fellow Rangers invented the infamous Booty Juice and the Kramer Boys song (but don't hold me to the that). Well Russ is 38 with a wife and 9 year old son. Russ fought a battle with melanoma and was clean for 8 years before it came back again this fall. He is undergoing chemo and it is a pretty tough battle because the cancer is about everywhere. I know he can use your prayers and good thoughts. Even more, it would be great if you could drop him a line at
      I wish you all a very happy New Year!!!
      Vince Cozzone
      BHAC ('85-'86, '93-'94)

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