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47TAC Press Release on the ACLU Lawuit

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  • David Fabie
    Nov 16, 2004
      Transatlantic Council, Boy Scouts of America will continue its
      cooperation with the Department of Defense to provide quality
      programs in support of Department of Defense families stationed

      Mannheim, Germany, 17 November 2004 Since 1950 Transatlantic
      Council has provided Department of Defense families with quality
      programs that prepare young people to make ethical choices over their
      lifetime by instilling in them character, citizenship and personal
      fitness. This was an important contribution to the quality of life of
      American families living in Europe when we first started to support
      families overseas. We remain a vibrant force as an advocate for
      American youth on military installations today. The recent settlement
      of the lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union against
      the Department of Defense will change how we implement our program in
      support of DoD families. In no circumstance will we permit this
      decision to deter us from our mission. We will work with scouting
      units currently chartered by Department of Defense entities to find
      new chartered partners. We will work with civic minded community
      organizations to accomplish this task. We do not foresee the loss of
      any Boy Scouts of America program, or loss of membership as a result
      of the settlement of this unfortunate lawsuit.

      The Transatlantic Council, Boy Scouts of America takes pride
      in the great work accomplished by our 3,000 adult volunteers in
      service to 10,000 youth. We provide youth and families with quality
      programs such as winter camping in the Swiss Alps, a camporee on
      Omaha Beach, 17 Cub Scout Day Camps, three Boy Scout summer camps, a
      weekend in a German castle for high school aged youth, and much more.
      We will continue these quality programs as well as supporting the
      excellent work of our local volunteers. We will remain an important
      adjunct to each DoD community's quality of life efforts.