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136TAC Announcement of BHAC 2010!

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  • David
    Jan 26, 2010
      From the TAC Website


      The Bayern High Adventure Camp will return to conduct the 2010 Camp Season and we need your help!

      The return of Bayern essentially adds a "new camp" to our summer programs and we will need to purchase the typical programmatic equipment that a camp needs: Archery equip- ment, Shooting Sports equipment, Scoutcraft, Nature/Ecology, Aquatics, and more.

      We're conducting just ONE WEEK of camp as a "pilot" to help us gauge the interest level among our Troops and Venture Crews. If (when) we get good attendance this year, then we're setting ourselves up for an expanded season next year. The BHAC "officially closed" in 1993 after a 13‐year operation. The best little camp in the BSA is situated on just 7 acres of MWR property but surrounded by thousands of acres of pristine forests and meadows…with the most spectacular views of Alpine mountains imaginable.

      But, the camp never officially "closed" in the hearts and minds of those who went there as Campers. The hope has always been that someday "Camp Bayern" would open up again when the circumstances were right and the resources would become available again in our Transatlantic Council. And that a new generation of BHAC Campers would carry on the traditions of the camp. Well…the circumstances are right…and we want you!

      Let the folks at the TAC office know of your camping plans this year as soon as possible. Once you say YES to BHAC TAC will send you the Leader's Guide that will contain all the info, schedules, forms, etc., you'll need.

      Just so you know ahead of time: BHAC is a Patrol Cooking Camp – you prepare most of your own meals in your campsite (we provide the food, of course). The program for the week is full of exciting and fun Program Areas, plus high adventure offerings available locally. The cost for camp is $255 before May 1, $270 after May 1, $270 Provisional. First Leader is free, second Leader is $130. Some High Adventure programs will carry an extra cost, since we are working with outside vendors. The Leader's Guide will have all the details.

      In the mean time…if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact either the TAC office, or the Camp Director (tslavicek@...). So…are you up to the challenge? Are you willing to be part of TAC history? Of course you are!

      See you at camp this summer!