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106RE: [BHAC Alumni Association] Patch

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  • John Maddock
    May 23, 2008

      Sorry Vince, I forgot the patch at home.


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      I hope all is well with our BHAC Alumni!

      Troop 324 from Stuttgart is looking to capture the spirit of Bayern by
      camping at Kean's Lodge this summer. The leadership is looking for a
      copy (scanned) of one of our patches so they can model a patch to
      celebrate their week at one of the world's best spots for camping. It
      won't be quite the same without Chippy and the wonderful staff that
      made the camp but maybe if they listen carefully the ghosts of
      staffers past will appear!

      Thanks for any and all help

      Think of you often

      Vince Cozzone
      Former Director BHAC

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