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  • Rosa
    Aug 5, 2010
      Adams, Tennessee

      Located in sleepy Adams, Tennessee is the former location of the John
      Bell Farm, one of the most famous haunted spots in American History.
      This sinister case involved spectral creatures, disembodied voices,
      poltergeist activity and even resulted in the death of John
      Bell. . .all at the hands of the infamous Bell Witch.

      According to the annals of supernatural history, the story of the
      Bell Witch started in 1817 when the Bell family, prosperous farmers
      from Tennessee, began experiencing strange phenomena in their home.
      First, the house was plagued with knocking and rapping noises and
      scratching sounds.

      For the complete story of the Bell Witch --- and haunted Bell Witch
      Cave --- Click on the Book Cover above for Troy Taylor's Season of
      the Witch

      Blankets were pulled from beds, family members were kicked and
      scratched and their hair pulled. Particularly tormented was a 12-year-
      old Betsy Bell, who was slapped, pinched, bruised and stuck with
      pins. At first, John Bell was determined to keep the events secret,
      but soon confided in a friend , who then formed an investigative
      committee. John Bell's friends soon learned that the strange force in
      the house had an eerie intelligence. It soon found a voice and from
      that day on. . .was seldom silent.

      The spirit identified itself as the "witch" of Kate Batts, a
      neighbors of the Bell's, with whom John had experienced bad business
      dealings over some purchased slaves. "Kate" as the local people began
      calling her, made daily appearances in the Bell home, wreaking havoc
      on everyone there. People all over the area of soon learned of the
      witch and she made appearances, in sounds and voices, all over
      Robertson County.

      The ghost became so famous that even General Andrew Jackson decided
      to visit. He too experienced the antics of the witch and his carriage
      wheels refused to turn until the witch decided to let them.

      John Bell fell victim to bouts of strange illness, to which "Kate"
      claimed responsibility. While he was sick in bed, the spirit cursed
      and prodded him, never allowing him to rest. One day, he went to bed
      and never recovered. He was found senseless in his bed one morning
      and a strange bottle was found nearby. Bell's breath smelled of the
      black liquid in the bottle, so a drop of it was placed on the tongue
      of a cat. . .the animal dropped dead. John Bell soon followed suit
      and "Kate" screamed in triumph. She even made her presence known at
      his funeral, laughing, cursing and singing as the poor man was buried.

      "Kate" didn't vanish immediately after the death of her proclaimed
      enemy though. She stayed around, threatening Betsy Bell to not
      marry the man that she truly loved, Joshua Gardner. The witch would
      never say why, but she did allow the girl to later marry the local
      schoolteacher, Richard Powell. "Kate" soon left the family but
      promised to return in seven years. She did come back and plagued the
      family again for two weeks. Before departing, she appeared at the
      home of John Bell Jr. and made a number of predictions that Bell
      recorded. The warning proved true, reflecting the Civil War and the
      later World Wars of the next century. "Kate" said that she would
      return again 107 years later, in 1935, but the year came and went
      without incident.

      Who was the Bell Witch? Was she really a ghost, who claimed to be
      connected to a living person? Or did the resentment and the hatred of
      the real Kate Batts create an entity of it's own? Or could the
      haunting have been poltergeist activity linked to Betsy Bell? No one
      will ever know for sure. . .but whoever, or whatever, the Bell Witch
      was, many believe that she has never left Adams, Tennessee at all.
      http://www.prairieg hosts.com/ b-cave.html