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18966Parallel Lives - Oneness in all planes

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  • Rosa
    Aug 5, 2010
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      It's said that, in parallel with this life, we also have existances on other planes be it on other timelines (like past lives) or on other kind of realms. The Polarity nature of us are distributed accross these different lives which in total balances out. E.g. If one is materially wealthy in this current existance, he may be in poverty in another parallel existance. He may have very content relationships here but not the same on other parallel existances. The polarity energies from the different existances is said to be integratable to this current physical existance so as to balance out the Polarity and to achieve Unity/Oneness and a greater potential of Being in the current physical existance (and the others as well).

      One of the ways the integration is possible is for the being to acknowledge, feel and not to resist or battle emotions that spark up within the person.

      There's a saying which goes something like this:

      "When you hold on to life, the Devils make your life a living hell, but when you make peace, the Devils are Angels which free you" - The Chiropractor from Jacobs Ladder the movie.

      I think this means that when you try to control and hold on to the bondages of life, then life is not that easy but when you let go and accept then it's much more peaceful?