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  • Rosa
    Aug 5, 2010
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      Parallel Lives

      February 2005 - removed an obsolete article (processed until july 2001)
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      If you were to believe many sources that are being channeled we, as mankind, have dropped extremely low in our level of awareness. We would have forgotten so much, that even that idea got lost along the way. Ascension would imply the gradual return to consciousness of everything that went unconscious. In SSOA's opinion that would imply physical changes: our body would need to adapt in order to be able to hold these new levels of understanding in the same vein as Earth would need to adapt in order to raise her consciousness. (see: Body, Buddha-Belly, Crystalline, Global warming)

      One of the aspects that could be retrieved is dealt with on this page. You could try to get to know your 'Parallel Lives'. Parallel lives are said to be non-physical 'lives' that mostly are very different from the life you live. They express aspects of your being that often are complementary to your own life. If you are very rich now, you would lead a parallel life in which you are very poor. If you are happily married now, you would lead a parallel life in which you are single and lonesome perhaps. If you are gay now you would have lives in which you are heterosexual. In this fashion many aspects of life are lived simultaneously: you are a criminal somewhere, a handicapped person, a retarded person etc.

      I think the concept of 'parallel lives' is a tricky one. Tricky in the sense that if you are psychologically unstable this line of thinking might exacerbate the unstability. I guess you need be in a stable mode of thinking to playfully address this concept. If you are stable I think the theory provides opportunities to reduce the number of judgements you hold towards others, because everyone you judge might as easily be a part of yourself in a 'non-physical parallel life'. It might provide you with extra 'fuel' to ascend a bit further with every parallel life you come to terms with.

      Well, like I said, all these parallel lives take up a lot of energy and that is energy that is very useful in the ascension process. On this page you can read about ways to get to know some parallel lives and what can be done to retrieve them.

      This concept of non-physical 'beings' absorbing loads of energy (or 'chi' if you like that word better) from us, physical beings, seems to be a theme that is quite widespread. At the 'heavenpage' you can read something about this possible phenomenon and I will write more about it in the future, but now it's time to get started with the 'raw' material concerning the concept of 'parallel lives'

      In the following excerpts stemming from the period 1998-2003 you can see that it was first thought (in 1998) that everyone had 16 parallel lives, but due to growing insights it turned out (at the end of 1999) that everyone at 2 strands of DNA has 36 different planes of reality. Then in 2002 Earth decided that ascension would be easier if there were less 'parallel lives' to be 'released'. Since 2002 only 24 planes of reality remain for everyone who hasn't started the ascension process.

      November 1999 brought us an article which brought us some extra information on the relation between dreamtime and parallel lives.

      Humanity is contained in multiple dimensions of reality or parallel lives. The article Attaining Liberation is an example of how parallel lives work within the dynamics of polarity. Any creation upon one parallel life will bring forth the opposite creation upon another parallel life. For this reason, we say that all of humanity participate in the patterns of mutilation or harmfulness, and if they do not participate in it within their current physical plane life, they do upon another parallel plane of reality.

      The sum total of all parallel planes of reality can be thought of as the unconscious. The unconscious parallel life times are what one experiences during dreamtime while one is asleep. It is the unconscious that is gradually brought to consciousness and integrated within the process of ascension. As such, initiates begin to become aware of parallel lives or experiences that they have during dreamtime.

      Most initiates on the spiritual path would never consciously wish to harm anyone or anything on Earth. Such is the nature of those who seek spiritual evolution within any given lifetime. Because one is 'harmless' in the physical, this also means that one is 'harmful' within the unconscious. Such is the nature of polarity. We have stated that in ascension, one transcends polarity. This occurs as the two opposing poles are integrated within. As such, one must understand that they are not beyond harmfulness and begin to search for how they partake in such patterns in order to understand the spiritual lessons behind such a creation so as to evolve beyond it.

      http://www.ascendpr ess.org/articles /transmissions2/ A1MHarm3. html

      A week later in november 1999 we can read about 'Shamballa', which probably is some kind of non-physical 'place' where many of our parallel lives would be lived. We can read about the possibility that some souls would prefer a powerful status in the non-physical arena, thereby causing a rather powerless state in the physical plane.

      We would like to speak about how polarity works between the planes where all humans and other incarnate beings reside surrounding Earth. The planes surrounding Earth are split into many vibrations. As a soul takes human form, the form simultaneously exists on 36 different planes of reality that surround Earth. These are known as 'Parallel Lives' (see Attaining Liberation).

      These 36 planes compile 36 different lives that are lived simultaneously. Eighteen are directly related to the physical form. The other 18 are an entirely separate reality that has involved the directorship of your planet both within Shamballa and within your solar system. Within polarity, if one has physical plane power and has attained wealth, fame and fortune within the first 18 planes of reality, then within the second 18 planes of reality, one will have little to no power at all. The difference in such lifestyles can equate to one who is a movie star on Earth and cleans toilets in Shamballa.

      This extreme level of polarity has caused souls to take embodiments of great poverty or disease on Earth so that all of the power could be polarized into the non-physical realms for governance purposes within Shamballa. In a similar manner in which much of humanity does not pay attention to the wishes of soul, such souls who choose non-physical power do not pay attention to the wishes of their embodiments. This is coming to an end at last, and a new precedence has been set within Shamballa requiring all souls who hold positions within Shamballa to ascend the form. To the degree that the form has ascended, to such a degree will souls have earned a greater level of power and therefore receive a higher level of position within the governance of Earth.

      These changes have sent shockwaves of change throughout your solar system. Similar changes are currently underway for Sirius A, Sirius B, along with your solar sun. It is the return of power based upon love and spiritual evolution of all species. And this is a grand thing to have occurred!

      http://www.ascendpr ess.org/articles /transmissions2/ A1TenOct. html

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      More than a year later, The Earth Mother speaks about parallel lives. In december 2000 she mentions the possibility that you could have entirely different people with whom you live on parallel planes. She says that it is possible to integrate these lives and actually obtain the gifts and talents of these lives.

      In addition to thousands of records of past life experiences, one will also find oneself dancing upon other planes of realities in a variety of capacities upon the inner landscape. Such capacities include gifts and talents, expressions of all kinds including work or art, homes, friends, businesses and all things that you also experience upon Earth, but in a different polarity from your conscious physical self. What do we mean by this? Well, that those whom are friends upon Earth are enemies upon an alternate plane. Those whom are husbands or wives or significant others upon Earth are married or involved with others upon another parallel plane of reality. One may find themselves with an entirely different spouse, set of friends, job and interests within each parallel life.

      Why is this so? All polarities must be expressed. If they cannot be expressed in the physical, they become expressed in the nonphysical. This is what dreamtime is for, to experience the alternative experiences in opposition to your current life expression to keep all energy within in balance. If only one polarity was expressed alone, there would be extreme imbalance in the energy flow of the whole of the field. And so these unconscious dreamtime planes are utilized to balance the field and balance the polarity of extremes in expression in form.

      Allow such parallel lives to come to consciousness. And then intend to integrate them in full into your current life experience. As this occurs, one shall cease to exist separated off within the parallel life, and become more whole and complete within. In so doing, one can bring the gifts, talents and expressions upon another parallel life into your current life experience. There are 36 separate planes of reality in which each human dances upon in the current human distortion, and each plane has a totally separate and different life dance occurring upon it. Each integration leads to greater freedom of self expression, and greater wholeness within.

      Mila became aware of her inner landscape long ago. She is a conscious dreamer. Sometimes such landscape was very confusing for her, however, she has recounted her experiences of her multidimensional self in her writing, particularly in Ascension Transmissions I and II. As Mila first tuned into her dreamtime self long ago, she discovered that she was a spiritual teacher upon alternate planes of reality. She enjoyed the teaching upon those planes, and chose to integrate this aspect of herself. As all planes in which she had such a preoccupation were integrated in full, she began to teach upon the physical plane. And the interesting thing for her was that there was nothing to learn to become the teacher, it was as if she had been teaching her entire life! And such is the nature of the integration of one's parallel life selves.

      Mila also discovered that she had no financial worries in the nonphysical realms, and an ongoing and recurring struggle to manifest in the physical. Again, as such planes of reality were integrated in full, she discovered that her abilities to manifest improved to a point in which everything that she needed was effortlessly made manifest. Many initiates struggle with the issues of manifestation and abundance, and the above example shows one how integrating those parallel lives in full that experience the opposing polarity causes one to come to the middle road. The middle road is the ability to manifest just what one needs at any given point upon the road of life.

      Additionally, Mila had a fulfilling relationship upon several nonphysical planes of reality. Again, as the last of such planes were integrated into the physical in full, Oa showed up at one of her workshops and moved to California to co-direct the Spiritual School of Ascension two weeks later. Their relationship is harmonious and supportive to this day. Such is the nature of integrating the polarities, one can then manifest their hearts desire in the physical.

      It is polarity that locks one into having one thing in the physical and its opposite in the nonphysical. As the nonphysical is integrated in full in ascension, polarity ceases to be the life experience of any initiate whom chooses to ascend. And so we invite you to become conscious of your parallel lives and intend to integrate them in full. In so doing, one not only become more "whole" within, but opens the gates to manifesting one's heart's desire.

      http://www.ascendpr ess.org/articles /earth-mother/ EM-Newyear. html

      In one of the first buffalo transmissions we can read about a possible origin for the existence of parallel lives: drops in consciousness in the past. This message was received in december 2000.

      The inner world is different for every human; however, it is fully of your own creation. Therefore, upon the inner worlds one shall experience one's own thought-form, one's own manifestations, one's own non-physical lives. Each human has many nonphysical lives that are lived in parallel to your physical existence. Such parallel lives hold keys to your evolution as they are tapped into. As such parallel lives are understood, they cease to be necessary to continue to exist, and the gifts and talents expressed therein can move to the physical plane.

      The physical plane fractured in the numerous drops in vibration in consciousness. In the fracturing, pieces of oneself and one's soul became trapped upon other planes and separated off from one's consciousness. This is what the "unconscious" is, parts of self that have been fractured and held within another plane of reality. Each plane of reality is layered around Earth like an onion. As one tunes into the inner world, one shall become familiar with themselves upon other planes of reality, and then choose to "ascend" from such planes and become whole and ONE again.

      Oneness is an internal state of being. Oneness comes as more parts of soul that fractured off in the many falls in vibration return to the whole of whom you are again. Sometimes such pieces of soul can be trapped in great pain, and one cries or processes the emotions as the pieces and parts return. Yet other pieces can be fractured in yet other emotions such as shame, pain, anger or fear. As one allows the emotions to be felt, they release, and as they release, one "feels better". One feels better because one has now integrated a lost part of themselves and has become more "whole".

      Some have called this process "soul retrieval". In reality, ascension brings about the retrieval of all parts of soul that fractured off over time within one's ancestry. Therefore ascension and soul retrieval are one and the same. Some think, oh, I've retrieved all my soul! I am whole! My dears, there is so much soul to retrieve to enter the fifth world and next dimension you shall be retrieving soul for upwards of the next 100 years! And so do not stop, keep going, keep returning to the wholeness and oneness that is possible in the act of choosing to evolve, choosing to ascend.

      http://www.ascendpr ess.org/articles /buffalo/ buffalo2. html

      Halfway June 2001 we learn about the relationship between the number of parallel lives integrated and the number of 'strands' that are 'activated' or 'revived':

      For the mapmaker, it is a time to cease seeking the guru outside of oneself to ascend oneself, and delve inward into your own process and own inner landscape. The inner landscape is constructed from one's genetic polarity. In polarity, one is one way in the physical and another upon a parallel plane of reality. There are 36 planes of reality that one exists upon as one begins to ascend with only 2 strands of DNA. As one emerges at Bodhisattva in vibration (7500 strands of DNA), over one half of these parallel lives have been integrated. As one emerges at Mahavishnu level awareness (15,000 strands of DNA) one has integrated two thirds of these parallel lives. As one emerges into a state of Full Consciousness (36,000 strands of DNA), one integrates all 36 planes and the parallel lives that one resides upon and transcends the dance of polarity altogether.

      Picture taken by myself during a vacation in Sweden in 2003, near the biggest waterfall of the country. The Bodhisattva and those whom are willing to embrace this level of awareness in their current life dance experiences a very different reality than one whom has not chosen to ascend. For one, enough of the polarity has been integrated to allow for a more joyful life expression. Humans with only 2 strands are so polarized that they know happiness in one area of one's life, and non-happiness in others. It is so frequent that humans have the loving spouse, but no job or a job that they hate. Or they have the spouse but are diseased. Or they have the great job but not the loving partner to share their life with. Bodhisattva level awareness transcends enough of the polarity to allow for joy in all areas of life expression, career, family, and friends, along with physical health. The path to Bodhisattva resurrects enough of the form to allow for the transcendence of disease if one so chooses it so through the path of ascension.

      http://www.ascendpr ess.org/articles /tao/Source2. html

      In July 2001 we can read about a different relationship between the parallel lives/planes and the 'level of ascension' attained. The main differences are that 30 planes (in stead of 18) are 'mastered' at Boddhisattva (7500 'strands') and 33 (in stead of 24) at Mahavishnu (15,000 'strands'). I suppose this is the final chart of the 36 planes and their relationship with 'dna-components' activated.

      In transcending the first 36 planes, one transcends the polarity of opposites in full. Each of these 36 planes are addressed and integrated in ascension, the first 18 in mastering the first 1800 strands of DNA or Initiation 1800, the next 12 in attaining Bodhisattva or 7500 strands, the next 3 in attaining Mahavishnu or 15,000 strands, and the final 3 through ascension to Full Consciousness or 36,000 strands of DNA. One can see in this that the first 30 planes are smaller in size, and the remaining 6 very large in size, as only 6 planes are addressed in the initiations from Bodhisattva to Full Consciousness.

      This inequality in the size of the planes surrounding Earth is the result of polarization of energy into the unconscious and nonphysical realms, which has lead to a depletion of overall chi in the physical planes over time. Indeed, 90% of the chi for any human form or Earth at large exists in the six outermost planes of reality. This polarity has caused most of the chi surrounding Earth in the physical to know extreme lack. The extreme lack of chi in the physical has resulted in the experience of aging, illness and disease in all species therein. As the energy is balanced between all planes that one resides within through ascension, one then ceases to experience lack of any kind, and aging illness and death cease simultaneously. This occurs as all 36 planes are integrated and transcended in full in returning to a fully conscious genetic structure and energetic field through ascension.


      One can liken these 36 planes to 36 separate parallel lives that one is living concurrently upon Earth. The first 18 planes are expressed in extreme opposites. It is in mastering 1800 that one unifies extreme opposites in their life dance. One can equate extremes to the thought-form of positive and negative, black and white, yin and yang, male and female, right and wrong. As one ascends to 1800, one has unified such extreme polarities of thought-form within and has taken their first steps towards unity therein.

      In those just beginning ascension, the 18 planes are split into 18 parallel lives, one of which mimics one's current life dance. Planes numbered 1 and 18 are identical to what one experiences in the physical. Planes 2 through 17 will provide a series of opposing experiences to one's current life dance in the physical. If one is healthy in their physical life, one will be diseased in at least 2 other parallel lives. If one is married in their physical life, one will be single or gay upon at least two parallel lives. If one is free in their physical life, one will be imprisoned in one form or another in at least two parallel lives. Sometimes such forms of imprisonment can include a sentence in prison, or sometimes a life in a wheel chair as a paraplegic. If one has a job in their physical life, one will be unemployed in at least two parallel lives. If one has a home of great extravagance or knows great wealth, one will be homeless and in great poverty in at least two parallel lives. If one has a preoccupation that they love in the physical, one will have at least two parallel lives with jobs that they hate. If one has become the boss or CEO in the physical, one will have at least two parallel lives as an employee to just such a kind of boss or CEO.

      Each of these parallel lives balance an extreme polarity as expressed in one's current life dance. The variations are unique to each human, however they follow a particular pattern that is the result of the bending of thought-form in the human expression. As thought-form began to bend and later spiral, polarity was created. Polarity is opposing forces in which one particular experience or expression is desired more than another, and some expressions are not desired at all or considered a horrible outcome for a particular life dance. In reality, all humans know all things when the sum total of all 18 parallel lives is added up. The problem is that humans do not remember their parallel lives, let alone their past lives and ancestral memories. As such, and in not remembering, one can think that they have a "better life" than another, only to have the life of the other upon another plane of reality. One will only draw into one's life dance representatives of self upon another parallel plane. Therefore, if one is healthy and has a friend with cancer, one has cancer upon a parallel plane. If one is free, and one works with handicapped children, then one is imprisoned to a handicap oneself upon a parallel plane of reality. As a matter of fact, there is nothing that one draws unto themselves that one doesn't know or understand intimately upon a parallel plane of reality. It is for this reason that judgment is always self-judgment. For if one judges another, one only judges themselves in a parallel experience or in a parallel behavior upon another plane of reality.

      As one integrates these parallel selves, and one may utilize their life dance as a mirror for what such lives may be like, one shall eventually transcend extreme polarity. Extreme polarity causes one to bounce back and forth between the thought-form of good and bad, right and wrong, and black and white in one's assessment of self or others. Shame is one of the underlying vibrations of such a thought-form of extreme polarity. Only 1800 strands are required to rise above this form of extreme polarity, and then one is faced with unifying the next set of poles. This occurs as one moves on and masters Bodhisattva level evolution.


      In Bodhisattva level evolution, one embodies the Language of Light in lieu of polarity-based thought-form altogether and in so doing, integrates 12 additional parallel lives and selves that any human in polarity and below 7500 strands exists within. Although one has unified the first 18 planes and parallel lives and extreme polarity in the initiations to 1800, there is still polarity remaining for the initiate at 1800 strands, which is refracted through 12 additional parallel life selves.

      From 1800 to 7500 strands, one addresses diseased, decayed and dead cells in the form. The disease and decay equate to the thought-form of birth, death and rebirth. Birth and death equate to energy that is either moving or has ceased to move and stagnates. Stagnant energy is known as the seven Kumaras of the vibrations of pain, death, suffering, lust, judgment, greed, and fear. As such, transcendence to Bodhisattva allows the polarities of joy and pain, life and death, hope and suffering, ecstasy and lust, acceptance and judgment, greed and poverty, along with love and fear to be more greatly unified within.

      Within the additional 12 parallel lives, one will find examples of each of these seven sets of polarities in opposing forces to one's current life dance. If one is the optimist in the physical and basically joyful and hopeful, one will be the pessimist in the nonphysical with some manifestation of pain and suffering or depression therein in one to two parallel lives. If one is alive in the physical, one will be ill, dying or dead in one to two parallel lives. If one has little to no sex in the physical, one will be a wonton lustful human with many partners in one to two parallel lives. If one is relatively accepting in the physical, one will find that they are highly judgmental in one to two parallel lives. If one has little in the physical, one will find that they have a load of possessions and wealth in one to two parallel lives. If one is fearful in the physical, one will find that they are certain and confident in one to two parallel lives. And so it can also be the opposite of the above, as each human will have a unique set of polarities as expressed upon the multiple planes of reality that all humans reside.

      As one integrates each of these 12 planes and related parallel life selves, the polarity or extremes related to the seven Kumaras are unified to the middle path or road. As one moves more to the middle path, certain extreme expressions in the human dance can most definitely be transmuted, particularly extremes of health related disorders such as disease, or great difficulties in manifestation, or the desire for a beloved and partner to dance one's life with. Therefore, one may experience a greater level of joy in their life dance after completing Bodhisattva level initiations than prior to the choice to ascend, for as polarity ceases, peace and joy become the foundation of one's physical plane life.

      Ascension Redefined (2001)

      In September 2001 the Great Central Sun spoke about a pole shift occurring. This, as it is stressed, doesn't refer to an electromagnetic change, but to a shift in life-expressions. From september 2001 onward, many people would come to experience 3 of their own parallel lives in the physical. See what you make of it all:

      The pole shift we are speaking of is a shift in polarity. Polarity can be likened to parallel lives that each expresses different characteristics than one knows oneself to be in the physical. Every human at 2 strands of DNA has 36 parallel lives. Some of them mimic one's dance in the physical, but most express all opposing characteristics to one's current life dance. We will give you an example. If one is healthy and married in the physical, they will have some parallel lives that are diseased, some that are an invalid, and many that are single. If one does not work and has children in the physical, one will have many parallel lives with varying careers expressed and some with less or no children. One also will be married to several other partners than their current physical plane self. In essence, all polarities must be expressed, and if they are not expressed in the physical, they are expressed in the nonphysical.

      Furthermore, one attracts to themselves others whom live a life parallel to one's parallel lives. If one has a friend with cancer, one has cancer oneself in a parallel life. If one has a gay friend, one is gay themselves in a parallel life. If one has a friend with great wealth, one has great wealth oneself in a parallel life. And so on. It is a great lie that one does not experience all things in a single life, it is only that one cannot remember it all. However all is remembered while one sleeps, and it is during dreamtime that all humans experience their parallel lives. It is also a great truth that all judgment is self-judgment, for what one judges in another one also judges oneself in a like parallel life.

      The parallel lives are being compressed into physical human lives. This is due to the polarity shift that now takes effect. In essence, humans will begin to live the lives that were held in the first 3 planes of parallel life expression. This will bring many changes to the human dance, and shall allow polarity to be balanced. For if any one human is one way in the physical, they will now live to experience the opposite in the physical, and in so doing, shall complete and be able to exit the physical plane.

      How does experiencing the opposite allow for completion? If you could imagine that all polarities are like a hall of mirrors. In the hall of mirrors, one sees fractured parts of the whole due to the manner in which the mirrors have been broken or separated. As the pieces of the mirror come together and unite, the polarity ceases to exist and the very manner in which they were held in opposition ceases to be. For those whom are ascending, one unites with their parallel lives, bringing into the physical the gifts and talents held therein, and processing the pain that one's parallel self may be in. In so doing, one integrates the fractured "mirror" and becomes more whole within.

      We will give you an example of this from Mila's own life and ascension. Mila was not a metaphysical or spiritual teacher many years ago. However she saw that she was a teacher of ascension in a parallel life. She watched the life for some time and chose to bring the life into the physical. In so doing, as she stepped forth to teach, she knew exactly how to do the job with ease and it felt like she had been teaching for decades. And indeed she had, just not in the physical! And so it is for all ascending humans, one will anchor into the physical gifts and talents previously expressed in parallel lives and then may so choose to persevere in such preoccupations in the physical. For those whom are not ascending, they are not choosing necessarily to integrate their opposing parallel life selves. Instead, the ascension of

      Earth is forcing the polarity into their physical life dance in earth's choice to complete. In the completion and over time, each human that so chooses not to ascend shall live to experience the opposite of what they know now. If one has been rich, one will know poverty. If one has been married, one will know being single. If one has no children, they will have a child or be around children. If one has been employed, one may know unemployment. If one has been healthy, one may know disease. Each human shall express their opposing poles in a different manner, as each human is unique in the polarities expressed in the physical. No two humans are exactly the same, although there are parallels. For many, experiencing the opposite will be very difficult. However, the changes will also trigger the fertile ground from which a mass awakening of the human species can be launched. And so there is a positive side to the shift in poles, and that is the golden era of mankind may now begin to come forth. For many, it will also be a confusing time, for the breakdown of your civilization shall also occur. Why? This is simply because the polar shift not only affects individuals, but also cities, regions and countries.

      http://www.ascendpr ess.org/articles /great-cen- sun/Sun6. html

      October 2001. Karen Danrich received a message from the One Source and -as far as I know - the only message from Mother Theresa. Well, I prefer to focus on the contents and not the so much on the possibility that Mother Theresa's 'soul' actually contacted Mila. The new ideas that were given in this message on parallel lives, are related to the 9-11 event, and about a way to reconcile with these parallel lives, mainly through the ability to truly forgive.


      Compassion is learned through experience. One not only experiences such things in the past, but in the present in one's parallel life dance. For each experience, there is another that occurred in a parallel life. For those in New York, upon the physical plane, some were killed in this incident, some boarded the aircraft that was highjacked, some were the highjackers themselves, and some lost loved ones. Yet others assisted as police or firemen, also many of which died trying to save others.

      Upon a parallel life, the incident was reversed in polarity and those that had died survived, and yet others who survived died. Upon yet another parallel plane, the incident was only partially successful with only one tower destroyed. Upon yet another parallel plane, the incident didn't occur at all as the crew and passengers rebelled causing the highjackers to fail at their mission. Upon yet another plane, the devices used to highjack were caught in the pre-screening at the airport and there were no knives or paper cutters available to pull off the plan. Such is the nature of the parallel life dance; all poles must be expressed in order to retain the balance of energy surrounding the human form and field.

      One may go into their parallel life as an ascending being and see what occurred. Did you die in the incident upon a parallel plane? Did you lose a loved one? Did you strive to save others as a fireman or police officer and die? Did you survive but were injured? Did you ward off the event by waylaying the highjackers? For some near New York and closer to this incident, there are many probable parallel lives that were intertwined with this travesty than one understands. It is why this experience has been so upsetting, not only for those who are unaware and perhaps not ascending, but also for ascending initiates along the North Eastern seaboard of the United States.

      As all polarities must be expressed, for some reading this material, perhaps upon a parallel life you were the hijacker, or you were the terrorist to some other incident that has occurred near where you live. One can see that one experiences much more than they think in physicality, and can use such understanding to assist in the transcendence of the very thought-form at cause of the creation of such experiences in the human dance. As enough humans transcend the thought-form of terrorism or warfare, such experiences will evaporate from the human expression en mass. The job of clearing such patterning begins with you, the ascending initiate. You are more powerful than you think. If Gandhi could polarize India to attaining its freedom, one could say that it is not beyond a single human to bring forth great change. And indeed this is true. At this time of ascension, the change that is possible is exponential. What is required of ascending initiates is the choice to transcend, the choice to transcend the destroyer within, the part of self that would like to destroy oneself or another in any manner. This is what has been reflected in the incident over New York perhaps more greatly than all realize, the destroyer has surfaced so that all in human form may so choose to transcend.


      How does one transcend? One transcends through forgiveness. How does one forgive? How does one forgive others who have harmed oneself or damaged one's form, or brought misery to one's life? Mila has found that forgiveness comes through understanding. In understanding how her ancestors have destroyed or harmed themselves, she has come to understand why one harms another. In so understanding the underlying emotional cause, Mila has learned she can most readily forgive.

      For all that have experienced the trauma over New York, there are millions and millions of other humans that have experienced equal trauma in a less publicized manner. Such humans have been seemingly victims to incest or sexual abuse of a parent over their form. Abusive parents, teachers or schoolmates have emotionally traumatized many humans. Many humans have abused others including their own children out of fear, confusion, or frustration. Many humans have struggled to make ends meet and pay the bills, or find a loving partner, or transcend a disease killing the form. And what of such humans?

      Forgiveness is forgiveness whether it is over a publicized incident or not. Such humans may go within and examine their own ancestry. Has not the ancestry of one who is victimized sexually also molested one's own children in lives past? Has not the child that has been abused turned around and abused their own children or parents later in life? Is not the frustration of being the adult who is responsible for making ends meet difficult, and hard for children to understand? One comes to forgiveness through the experience of like circumstances, which teach one understanding.

      Such understanding requires not the physical experience of such circumstances. One may gain the benefit of examining one's own ancestral records to understand. Within each human is a bevy of ancestors that date back over 50,000 Earth years in history (200,000 human years). There are more lives than one can imagine, and one has in their own ancestry done it all, so to speak.

      One has been the prostitute and the pimp; one has been gay and one has been straight; one has persecuted the gay community and been persecuted for sexual preferences oneself; one has been all nationalities; one has also persecuted certain nationalities of powerlessness multiple times and been persecuted as well; one has been wealthy and one has been poor; one has been homeless upon the street begging to survive; one has also walked by such beggars in disgust; one has been upon the battlefields and both won and lost; one has been the general or commander, and one has been the soldier holding the line; one has been injured upon the battlefield or in an accident and lived a life of deformity thereafter; one has been born deformed and become the paid attraction at the circus; one has experienced every disease known to man; one has also been annihilated in nuclear holocaust along with Earth.

      One has been all things, beloved. In bringing forward and into present time one's ancestral records, one may come to understand that which one perceives as unforgivable in another and choose to forgive, forgive through understanding. Forgiveness is a conscious choice. Forgiveness is also an active stance. Forgiveness will never occur of its own volition; one must choose to forgive.

      If one chooses to forgive and is not capable, one will create a circumstance in which one can then understand, and then in the understanding one can then forgive. So Mila has found time and time again in her dance of ascension. Those who she perceived as having betrayed her in the dance with the dark in her own school were ultimately forgiven as she saw the larger picture, and in the larger picture she saw how they too were only puppets for a high level dark in control or dominion over all things. In the manipulation, the students really and truly had no choice. In seeing this, Mila could forgive.


      Life is a mirror. There is not one thing that any human attracts unto oneself that does not mirror an unconscious part of self. If one attracts an abusive partner, one is abusive upon a parallel plane of reality and has been abusive in their past lives. As one integrates the abusive unconscious self and forgives the abusive ancestors, the abusive partner will either change, or they will leave, or perhaps one will choose to leave of their own volition. Forgiveness is the key to such changes, and it is all forgiveness of self. Why is it forgiveness of self? Because one is and has been all things and is all things human. Upon a parallel plane, one is already all that one judges or finds disgusting in others in the physical. Furthermore, one has been all things and done all things in one's own past lives, including something parallel to the terrorist actions over New York. One must first forgive oneself, and forgive their own ancestors, and then the forgiveness can extend outward to others of like expression in form.

      One may therefore use their life as a daily mirror. What does one see outside of self that one does not like? Seek inward to like expressions within your ancestry or parallel life self and forgive. What do you see outside of yourself that you judge? Seek inward to like expressions within your ancestry or parallel life self and forgive. What do you see outside of yourself that causes you anger or the desire to be violent towards another or violate another? Seek inward to like expressions within your ancestry or parallel life self and forgive. It is not outside of oneself beloved, although it certainly appears as though it is. This is one large veil of illusion surrounding the human dance and the most important one perhaps to transcend for those upon the path of ascension.

      Forgiveness dissolves all emotional reactions. Following forgiveness and the release of karmic patterns between the ancestors, the boss that irritates one so will have no affect whatsoever. The parent that drives one up the wall will only be mildly irritating following forgiveness, forgiveness of self. The friend who betrays oneself is only a mirror for all the times one's own ancestry has betrayed others. Forgive the ancestor, and one will forgive the friend, and perhaps in so doing it will no longer feel like betrayal. It is the sense of betrayal that pits one human or one group of humans against another. Betrayal is truly an illusion. Betrayal is only so because one sees only one half of the cause and effect, which is the effect. If one sees the cause of why so and so betrayed oneself in this life, one would also see that one betrayed so and so in the past. One is simply experiencing the effect of one's own cause, albeit a past life cause. There is no effect that does not have a cause, and there is nothing that one experiences now that one has not somehow caused another to experience in the past.

      There is one exception to this, which is known as karmic manipulation. Karma can be passed to another or another's lineage, and then one will live to experience the cause of another. Karmic manipulations are returned in ascension, and this shift has become a part of the map to Bodhisattva. However, one may also simply intend to return any and all karma that is not one's own to its source of origin, and collect up all karma that one or one's ancestry is responsible for. In so doing, one will have all karma present at any stage of ascension to insure a complete ascension. For it is only as all karma from one's own ancestry is released that any ascension can be complete.

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