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Fw: Urge Supervisors to Protect Our Parks

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  • Community Melita
    ... From: Neighborhood Parks Council To: info@indiabasin.org Sent: Monday, January 7, 2008 4:27:16 PM Subject: Urge Supervisors to Protect
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      Sent: Monday, January 7, 2008 4:27:16 PM
      Subject: Urge Supervisors to Protect Our Parks

      From the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services:

      The City is currently working to ensure our parks are free from illegal
      encampments by reaching out to offer services to homeless who are found
      camping in local parks and by citing people who make these illegal encampments. 
      The Mayor introduced legislation at the Board of Supervisors that clarifies the
      local law against camping and cooking in parks and expands the hours that
      sleeping is prohibited in local parks. At the November 27th Board of Supervisors
      meeting, an amendment was proposed that would have gutted this legislation. 
      The matter was sent back to Government and Oversight Committee for more
      discussion.  The committee after hearing public comment sent the legislation
      back to the full Board with the recommendation to pass with the original language
      submitted by the Mayor.

      This legislation will be voted on at the Board of Supervisors Meeting on Tuesday,
      January 8 at 2pm and is in danger of being gutted to actually make it more
      difficult to prohibit illegal camping.  There will not be an opportunity for public
      testimony at this meeting on this issue.  We believe that an amendment will be
      proposed that would essentially gut the intent of the Mayor's legislation.

      A recent Chronicle article reported on this issue:

      Considering your concerns about illegal encampments in our parks, we ask you
      to contact the following members of the Board of Supervisors to indicate support
      for the legislation and opposition to any amendments that would gut the legislation. 
      Below is the contact information for the Supervisors:  We would ask you to call
      and write the following Supervisors to express your support for the City's efforts
      to protect our parks and to keep the language of the legislation as it was
      submitted by the Mayor.

      District 1: Supervisor McGoldrick: 554-7410, Jake.McGoldrick@..., and Pooja.Jhunjhunwala@... (the Supervisors key policy aide on this).
      District 3: Supervisor Peskin 554-7450, Aaron.Peskin@..., and David.Noyola@...
      District 5: Supervisor Mirkarimi 554-7630, Ross.Mirkarimi@..., and Rick.Galbreath@...
      District 10: Supervisor Maxwell 554-7670 Sophie.Maxwell@..., and John.Lau@...
      District 11: Supervisor Sandoval 554-6975 Gerardo.Sandoval@..., and luke.klipp@...

      A copy of the legislation the Mayor has introduced can be viewed at http://sfnpc.org/files/unamendedleg.doc
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