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Re: [betterbayview] About Greening the Current Sewer Plant

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  • buckpines@aol.com
    Hi Matt, Thank you for you work on this. I will look into planting along the Central Shops area. I ll try to take a look this week and follow-up with Carla. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2008
      Hi Matt,

      Thank you for you work on this.

      I will look into planting along the Central Shops area. I'll try to
      take a look this week and follow-up with Carla.

      I don't have a lot of power to make certain calls but I can see what is
      possible and help keep the effort from falling through the cracks.

      I'll send an email along to the contacts at the treatment plant to let
      them know that if there are any permitting issues they can double check
      with our office at BUF. They may have done this with Carla already, but
      I'll introduce myself.

      I think the best thing you could do was do what you did, which is to
      let them know that people in the community want to be included in the
      decision making process, or kept in the loop.


      Chris Buck
      Urban Forestry Inspector
      DPW - Bureau of Urban Forestry

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      Subject: [betterbayview] About Greening the Current Sewer Plant

      Yesterday I met with 5 people from the sewer plant,
      including Idil

      Bereket, Sam Murray, and the Landscaping Supervisor.

      They did not tell me who suggested or authorized cutting down the

      healthy Victorian Box trees at 750 Phelps, but they did say they plan

      on planting more fragrant trees around the plant. They also said

      they'd notify the community before cutting down more trees.

      I will always maintain that it was a huge mistake cutting healthy

      trees down, but I hope the silver lining in this cloud is better

      community notification and involvement in the future.

      They welcome any community suggestions, so feel free to contact Idil

      or Sam with your thoughts.

      Idil Bereket can be emailed at ibereket@...

      SF Public Utilities Commission

      Communications Division

      Phone: 415-554-0741

      Fax: 415-554-3282



      Sam Murray can be emailed at smurray@...

      or contacted at 415.554.3275

      I have asked them to look into starting a program or project where

      community volunteers can help them plant, green, or landscape.

      I again suggested permeable sidewalk along 1700 Jerrold (the sewer

      plant) and 1800 Jerrold (central shops). They said they will consider

      it next time the sidewalk has to be replaced. Not soon enough for me,

      but I'll keep talking that up until it happens.

      I also asked them about getting sidewalk trees on those blocks. They

      told me I'd have to request them from Carla Short the Urban Forester

      for DPW. This is on my end of year "to do" list.

      I know a number of you had wanted to be there, but the timing wasn't

      good. I urge you to stay involved and support the greening effort in

      any way you can.

      They were surprised how successful the compost give away was and will

      let me know when the next one is. It should be in the spring here on

      Phelps @ Jerrold.


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