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Fwd: [betterbayview] Sewer Plant at 750 Phelps now treeless!!!

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  • buckpines@aol.com
    I just realized I can t send this to the group list from my work email address (see my email below), so I m sending it from my personal email account. One
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11 8:09 AM
      I just realized I can't send this to the group list from my work email address (see my email below), so I'm sending it from my personal email account.
      One correction below.

      Maybe someone could email me to my work email address from an individual email so that we can work on this particular inquiry off-line until we have more info to share with everyone.
      Chris Buck
      Urban Forestry Inspector
      DPW - Bureau of Urban Forestry
      (415) 641-2677

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      From: Buck, Chris
      Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 7:52 AM
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      Subject: RE: [betterbayview] Sewer Plant at 750 Phelps now treeless!!!

      I am looking into this from my end.
      One correction to my email of last night. One thing I said was incorrect:
      "This includes all sidewalks, and most City owned property."
      Actually, it includes all sidewalks (in the public right-of-way), and trees on DPW property. Other City departments (Rec & Park, for example) have their own set of removal notification guidelines.
      So for 750 Phelps, the trees that require permits are sidewalk trees and Significant trees.
      I will look into this further, just wanted to clarify.
      Chris Buck
      Urban Forestry Inspector
      DPW - Bureau of Urban Forestry
      (415) 641-2677 ph
      (415) 695-2147 fax
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      Subject: Re: [betterbayview] Sewer Plant at 750 Phelps now treeless!!!

      Tomorrow morning when I'm back in the office I will make inquiries on my end and I will also be able to take a look first hand tomorrow on my way into work so that I have a good idea of which trees and landscaping were removed. DPW's Bureau of Urban Forestry has gardeners and arborists that do most of the work on the grounds there. Someone at my office should know.

      Any suspected illegal tree removals can be reported to me at:

      Chris Buck
      Urban Forestry Inspector
      DPW - Bureau of Urban Forestry
      2323 Cesar Chavez Street
      SF, CA 94124
      (415) 641-2677

      What are the rules?

      All trees in the public right-of-way require permits in order to be removed and our department oversees the permitting process. For tree removals that we approve, we post the tree(s) for 30-day with an orange 8.5x11" notice. We can shorten the posting period to 15-days for trees posing a hazard and 1-day for an actively failing tree.

      This includes all sidewalks, and most City owned property. The only exception is Rec & Park. For trees on Rec & Park property, the SF Rec & Park Dept would need to be contacted.

      New Rules: Enter, Significant Trees

      Approximately one-and-a-half years ago SF's Urban Forestry Ordinance, Article 16, added a new permit requirement for trees on private property. Trees on private property also require a permit if their trunk is located within 10ft of the public right-of-way and also meet any one of the following three criteria:
      - if trunk diameter at 4'6" above ground/grade is greater than 12 inches
      - if the canopy width is greater than 15 feet
      - if the tree height is greater than 20 feet in height

      Also, all trees with Landmark Tree Status require a permit and review by the Board of Supes.
      As a nearby resident, I helped get the Canary Island Date Palms landmarked that are on the median at Quesada  (with help from neighbor Jeanette Hill, who used to live there). The Brazilian Pepper tree in the triangular median at 3rd Street and Yosemite, is also Landmarked.

      There are pruning guidelines that also need to be followed for all trees in the public RoW and for Significant Trees. We issue fines regularly for excessive tree pruning or "topping" when trees are arbitrarily cut with no professional understanding of arboriculture/botany/horticulture. The fines are a minimum of $1,489 per tree. Excessive tree pruning and/or topping is very destructive to trees. They may appear to sprout back vigorously, but their lifespan has been severely shortened.

      I'll look into this and report back.


      Chris Buck
      resident, Bayview

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      Sent: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 10:38 am
      Subject: [betterbayview] Sewer Plant at 750 Phelps now treeless!!!

      Does anyone know why ALL THE TREES flanking the entrance to the Water
      Treatment Facility Offices at 750 Phelps at Innes would be cut down?

      I first noticed the trees missing a few days ago, but it was late and
      dark and I mistakenly thought they must have removed all the pine
      trees which were inevitably dying.

      In broad daylight yesterday I drove by and realized ALL THE TREES ARE

      There used to be about 8 beautiful fragrant flowering trees lining
      the sidewalk. I believe they were Victorian Box and they were
      literally the nicest trees around the plant, and not in jeopardy of
      dying from pine beetles. All the shrubs, small trees, and plants are

      Why was there no warning? I just attended the meeting about the sewer
      plant upgrades and none of the plans included cutting down healthy
      trees. There was talk of permeable sidewalks and of planting more
      trees to help with storm run off.

      I am still in shock!

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