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Mtg. Bayview Station not tomorrow.

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    Bayview Station Police Community Meeting will be a week from Tomorrow due to elections. 6pm. ... Bayview Station Newsletter ... acquaintances plan this
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      Bayview Station Police Community Meeting will be a week from Tomorrow
      due to elections. 6pm.

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      > SFPD Bayview Station <SFPD_Bayview_Station@...> wrote: Subject:
      Bayview Station Newsletter
      > From: SFPD Bayview Station <SFPD_Bayview_Station@...>
      > Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 17:11:55 -0700
      > 1
      > Bayview District Newsletter
      > Captain Albert Pardini
      > October 24, 2007
      > Bayview News:
      > Halloween Costumes and Trick or Treat As you and your youngest
      acquaintances plan this year’s Halloween festivities, the officers
      at Bayview Station hope you might consider adopting a few of the tips
      below for costume design, traffic safety, and trick or treating. To
      begin with, incorporate glow sticks and reflective tape into costume
      design. If you plan to use face-paint, make sure it is cosmetically
      approved. When purchasing or making costumes, make sure the mouth
      and eyeholes are large enough, that the costumes are not too long,
      and take care that they are made of fire retardant material. Open
      flames are often a part of Halloween decorations. If you plan to
      display Jack-o-Lanterns outside, bear in mind that ghosts, damsels,
      and superheroes may be brushing past them as they ply you for
      goodies. Think about using properly insulated electric lights
      instead, and position decorations away from foot-traffic patterns.
      > Adults, make sure your young ones know not to enter any
      stranger’s car or home. Always inspect their “loot” before
      letting them consume it. Consider disposing of anything that is not
      packaged or home made. Examine all fruit that unknown patrons give
      as a treat, and wash them thoroughly.
      > At least one adult should always accompany young children as they
      trick-or-treat. A two-to-one ratio is ideal. Try to move in larger
      groups, keep a head-count, and plan your route. Sew names, addresses
      and phone numbers inside your young voyagers’ clothing. If your
      children are older or teen aged, make an agreement with them to
      return home at a specific time and share their plans with you.
      Again, large groups! Reinforce crossing at corners only, looking
      both ways, and walking. Never walk out from between parked cars.
      Never insist on the right of way, and use illuminated or reflecting
      devices to mark your progress. If the traditional house-to-house
      trick or treating makes you uncomfortable these days, contact your
      schools and plan to attend locally orchestrated activities instead.
      > Remember, if you dial 9-1-1 from a cell phone, you may reach
      the California Highway Patrol in Sacramento instead of your local
      office of emergency communications. If you are a San Francisco
      resident and you have a cell phone, program this seven-digit number
      for local 9-1-1 response: (415) 553-8090. Have fun!
      > District Events:
      > Juvenile Justice Reform
      > The Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice (BCCJ) and the National
      Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) are co-sponsoring the
      “Juvenile Justice Reform: Forty Years After Gault” conference at
      UC Berkeley’s Boalt Law School on October 26 & 27, 2007.
      > The conference will feature top juvenile justice leaders from the
      Bay Area and across the nation. It will focus on the key juvenile
      justice policy issues the nation is facing forty years after the
      seminal Supreme Court case of In re Gault established due process
      rights for children in the juvenile justice system.
      > Plenary panels will include a state legislator’s panel, a
      judge’s panel and a media panel. Breakout panel topics will include
      reforming juvenile corrections in California; juvenile justice, child
      welfare and mental health systems overlap; disproportionate minority
      confinement; alternatives to incarceration; legal representation of
      juveniles; restorative justice; reforming juvenile detention; trying
      juveniles as adults; and girls in the juvenile justice system.
      > The conference is attended for service providers, law enforcement
      officials, corrections officials, policy makers, attorneys,
      advocates, community leaders, funders, academics, students and others
      interested in juvenile justice reform.
      > To register for the conference or for more information, please go
      > San Francisco Recreation Department
      > The San Francisco Recreation and Parks’ Fall 2007 Program
      registration is now available on line. There is no need to stand on
      line to register for programs. Please visit them online at
      > Senior Citizen Speaker Series
      > On Lok, the Senior Citizen care group, is sponsoring a speaker
      series for topics for Senior Citizens. All events will be held at
      1333 Bush Street at Larkin Street. All Events are free, space is
      limited and an RSVP is required. Call 888-886-6565.
      > Upcoming topics:
      > “Holiday Blues” â€" Ways to plan ahead for the holidays.
      Wednesday, December 5th, 3PM to 5PM
      > Free Legal Help
      > Do you have a problem that may require an attorney? Visit the free
      Legal Advice and Referral Clinic (LARC). You will have a meeting with
      a volunteer lawyer who will give you legal advice. You may also
      receive referrals to agencies that might be able to help you.
      > Saturday, October 25th, 2007
      > You must register between 12:00pm and 1:30pm
      > Providence Baptist Church of San Francisco
      > 1601 McKinnon Avenue (at Mendell)
      > One block east of Third Street
      > Doors close at 1:30pm without exception
      > If you have questions, or would like more information, please call
      (415) 989-1616.
      > Arrests:
      > Monday, October 15, 2007 â€" 9:15 AM â€" Vehicle Tampering â€" 200
      block of Cambridge â€" CS# 071 056 472 â€" Bayview officers responded
      to a call of someone trying to break into a car on the 200 block of
      Cambridge Street. The 911 caller was able to get a vehicle and a
      suspect description. Officer Kwan spotted the get away vehicle on
      Williams Street near the Bayview Station, and detained the
      > Contact was made with the 911 caller who reported that he was
      walking his dog when he saw the suspect trying to open a car door.
      He then saw the suspect break the car window. The suspect,
      apparently scared off, fled in another car. The witness was brought
      to where Officer Kwan had the possible suspects detained. The
      witness positively identified the suspects as the ones that he saw.
      One person was cited and released for misdemeanor vandalism.
      > Monday, October 17, 2007 â€" 5:23 PM â€" Vehicle Tampering â€" 100
      block of Bayshore Blvd â€" CS# 071 066 136 â€" Officer Pasqua was en
      route to the Hall of Justice when he saw a man chasing another on
      Bayshore Boulevard near the freeway. Both people were detained
      pending investigation. The person that was doing the chasing said
      that he observed the other via surveillance camera approach his car
      that was parked outside of his business. That person pulled a hood
      over his head and opened the victim’s car door. He went outside
      and confronted the person and the suspect began to run away. Officer
      Pasqua happened on scene and was flagged down. The person was booked
      for tampering with a vehicle.
      > Wednesday, October 17, 2007 â€" 2:45 PM â€" Traffic Violation,
      Possession of Crack Cocaine â€" 23rd Street and Arkansas - CS# 071
      065 564 â€" Officers Rodatos, Cortes, and Le, stopped a car for minor
      traffic violations. Officer Cortes made contact with the driver to
      conduct his investigation. Officer Cortes heard his cover officer,
      Officer Le, call for help. He later learned that one of the
      passengers got out of the car, elbowed Officer Le in the chest and
      attempted to run away. Officer Cortes rendered aid and was able to
      get the person into custody; he himself sustained an injury to his
      shin from getting kicked by the suspect, as well as lacerations to
      his neck and arm. The person, a resident of Union City, was found to
      be in possession of crack cocaine. He was booked for numerous
      charges, the motorist was cited.
      > Friday, October 19, 2007 â€" 5:20 PM â€" Possession of Narcotics
      for Sales â€" 3rd Street and Palou Avenue â€" CS# 071 073 783 â€"
      Plainclothes Officers Solares, Lew, and Mustafich, were on patrol
      when they saw a man hand another male some money on the corner of
      Third Street and Palou Avenue. The officers became suspicious that
      they just interrupted a drug transaction. Officer Solares shouted at
      the man he saw accept the money, and said “Hey, What is going on
      over there.” The man said that he owed the other man money and
      continued to walk away. The other man who received the money walked
      in the other direction and in his hand was a plastic bag. This made
      the officers suspicious that the man was holding narcotics. He was
      detained and heroin, packaged for sale, was in the baggie.
      Additional narcotics were found on his person. The man was booked
      with numerous narcotics charges.
      > Saturday, October 20, 2007 â€" 10:56 AM â€" Evading a Police
      Officer, Vandalism to Property â€" Bacon Street and San Bruno Avenue -
      CS# 071 075 886 â€" Officers Mattei and Catlett attempted to pull
      over a Firebird for a minor traffic violation. The Firebird sped
      away and ran stop signs to evade police. A pursuit was not initiated
      because of concern for the public’s safety. The Firebird was
      located parked in a grassy field of McClaren Park near Harvard
      Street. The Firebird tore the grass up. The passenger was quickly
      detained. The driver was missing. Additional units arrived on scene
      and searched the area. Witnesses told the police that they saw the
      driver running away from the car and disrobing, so he would not be as
      easily recognized. The suspect was located in a parking lot of
      McClaren Park and was detained. He was driving with a suspended
      license. The driver was charged with numerous traffic violations and
      felony vandalism for ripping up the grass. The
      > passenger was released.
      > Sunday, October 21, 2007 â€" 5:20 PM â€" Possession of a shotgun
      â€" Phelps Street and Jerrold Avenue â€" CS# 071 080 205 â€" Bayview
      Officers responded to the area of Kirkwood Avenue and Mendell Street
      on a report of a male hanging out of a grey Maxima with a shot gun.
      The car was located and the driver was detained. The driver admitted
      to dropping off the passenger with the gun at a house on the 1500
      block of McKinnon Avenue. The police located the person and detained
      him in the hallway of the home. The loaded shotgun was located three
      feet from him. Incidentally, the driver of the car and the person
      arrested were on scene when the seventeen year old was shot on Dedman
      Court a day earlier.
      > Significant Incidents:
      > Monday, October 15, 2007 â€" 3:00 PM & 8:00 PM â€" Robbery w/Force
      â€" Portola District â€" CS# 071 058 127 & CS# 071 059 200 â€" There
      were two robberies that had similar method operand in the Portola
      District today. The first incident occurred at 3:00PM on the 700
      block of Burrows Street. The victim got out of his car and was
      approached by two males that asked if he had a cell phone. The
      victim said “No,” and was then punched in the face by one of the
      suspects. The victim fell to the ground, and the two suspects went
      through his pocket and took his wallet. They fled in a maroon Dodge
      Durango. The victim suffered from swelling to his face from the
      > The second incident occurred at 8:00 PM on Silver Avenue and
      Amherst Street. The victim had just gotten off the bus and was
      approached by three males. One of the males put his hand over the
      victim’s mouth and told him to be quiet. The victim was thrown to
      the ground. The remaining suspect’s took the victim’s wallet and
      cell phone from his pocket. The suspects fled in a white Japanese
      > The suspects were described as being black males in their early
      > Thursday, October 18, 2007 â€" 2:00 AM - Robbery with a gun â€"
      1700 block of Newcomb â€" CS# 071 067 623 â€" An area resident walked
      out of his home when he was approached by two men, one who pointed a
      gun at his head and demanded that the man turn over his money. The
      victim, fearing for his life, gave the suspects approximately $300.00
      > Saturday, October 20, 2007 â€" 9:07 PM â€" Assault w/a gun â€"
      Dedman Court â€" CS# 071 077 832 - A seventeen year-old male was shot
      in the chest on the unit block of Dedman Court. It was reported to
      the police that the young man was shot while seated on the couch and
      watching television, when the shots came from outside. The man was
      brought outside by his friends. No suspect description is
      > Saturday, October 20, 2007 â€" 9:55 PM - Assault w/ a Deadly Weapon
      â€" Quesada Avenue and Industrial Street â€" CS# 071 077 945 â€" A
      man narrowly escaped injury when the current boyfriend of his ex-
      girlfriend attempted to run him over with his car. The man reported
      that he just dropped his daughter off at the ex-girlfriend’s house
      and returned to his car. The new boyfriend was parked across the
      street. As the man got into his car the new boyfriend gunned his
      engine at him. The man dove into the car to get away. The suspect
      vehicle struck the front end and door of the victim’s car.
      > The victim directed the man to the 800 block of Madrid Street and
      the suspect’s vehicle was located and towed. The suspect was no
      longer on scene.
      > Miscellaneous Incidents:
      > Sunday, October 21, 2007 â€" 10:11 AM â€" Drunk in public â€" San
      Bruno Avenue and Bacon Street â€" CS# 071 079 145 â€" Police detailed
      to the San Bruno Avenue Fair were notified that a person with a pit
      bull was threatening to sic the dog on horses at the pony ride as
      well as throwing debris at them. When the police located the man he
      had an open container of malt liquor, and was clearly intoxicated.
      He was asked for identification and he responded, “What did I do?
      Why don’t you go find a murderer?”
      > The man gave the police a name but a record could not be found. He
      was booked for public intoxication under the name of John Doe.
      > Bayview Station Resource List:
      > EMERGENCY: 911
      > Non-Emergency: 553-0123
      > Customer Service Center: 311
      > Cell phone 911: 553-8090 or 911
      > Bayview Station: 671-2300
      > Web: www.sfgov.org/police (For
      Crime Stats, Internet reports, etc.)
      > Captain Albert Pardini 671-2303 albert.pardini@...
      > Anonymous Tip-Line 822-8147 Bayview
      Station’s Voicemail
      > SFPD Anonymous Tip Line 575-4444 Live person 24-hrs
      a day
      > Graffiti Abatement 278-9454
      > Graffiti Fax 278-9456
      > Bayview Events: 671-2303 Sergeant Ava
      > Bayview Permits: 671-2313 Officer Gigi
      > Code Abatement: 671-2303 Sergeant Ava
      > Deputy City Attorney: 554-3874 Yvonne Mere
      > Dept. Parking & Traffic: 553-1943
      > DPW: 695-2020 Dispatch
      > Quality of Life Liaison: 671-2332 Officer Sue Lavin
      (Mon-Fri Cell 850-9740)
      > SF SAFE 553-1984
      > Abandoned Auto 850-9737 Officer Rodriguez
      (Mon- Fri 7AM â€" 3 PM)
      > Homeless Issues: 671-2332 Officer Sue Lavin
      (Mon-Fri Cell 850-9740)
      > Third Street Beat: 671-2300 Officer Festa &
      Officer Martin
      > Third Street Beat: 671-2300 Officer McPherson
      & Officer Singleton
      > San Bruno Avenue: 671-2300 Officer Brady &
      Officer Fong
      > Bayview Narcotics 254-7197 Sgt. Hagan & Sgt.
      > Westbrook Development 509-1678 Officer Wise &
      Officer Cahill
      > Westbrook Development 806-8304 Officer Reynoso &
      Officer Pasqua
      > Potrero Hill Development 509-1408 Officer Rodatos &
      Officer Sanders
      > Potrero Hill Development 987-6389 Officer Fowlie &
      Officer Ferraez
      > Hunter’s View Development 987-6569 Officer Brian Petiti &
      Officer Chantal
      > Hunter’s View Development 509-1270 Officer Robinson &
      Officer Dockery
      > Community Liaison: 671-2303 Sergeant
      > District Station Monthly Community Meeting is held on the first
      Tuesday of Each month at Bayview Station Community Room at 201
      Williams Avenue at 6:00 PM. Entry can be made through the Newhall
      Street door.
      > However, because of Election Day, the meeting will be held Tuesday,
      November 13, 2007.
      > The San Francisco Police Department is currently hiring:
      > The San Francisco Police Department is continuously hiring
      qualified applicants. Applicants must be 21 years old, have a valid
      driver’s license, must be a US citizen, must have a high school
      diploma or equivalent, and must not have been convicted of a felony
      or convicted of a misdemeanor which would prohibit possession of a
      firearm. For more information or to apply, contact the Department of
      Human Resource at 44 Gough Street, San Francisco. Additionally,
      applications are available on-line at www.sfgov.org/police or
      > Megan’s Law Website Access:
      > The general public can find out information on sexual predators on
      line by going to the DOJ website: www.meganslaw.ca.gov or at the SFPD
      link at www.sfgov.org/police. You may check specific names or zip
      codes to locate those listed in the database.
      > Join The San Francisco Citizen’s Police Academy
      > For more information, including application process, please call
      Ms.Lula Magallon at (415) 401-4720, or Officer Maria Oropeza at (415)
      401-4701. You can also email us at sfpd_citizenspoliceacademy@... or
      visit our website: http://www.sfgov.org/site/police_index.asp?
      > Graffiti Alert:
      > Day Watch Sgt. Ava Garrick is Bayview Station’s Graffiti
      Abatement coordinator. Each month he collects surveys from the
      various beat officers to report graffiti to DPW and our own Graffiti
      Unit within the police department. You can contact Sgt. Ava Garrick
      at ava.garrick@...
      > 311 Customer Service Center:
      > What is 311? 311 is a toll free, NON-EMERGENCY phone number that
      the public can call to access information about government services.
      A live customer service representative will be available 24 hours a
      day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. The service is available
      to both wired and wireless customers. Wireless customers should call
      (415) 701-2311. 311 employees will be able to provide translations
      services in more than 145 languages and dialects and will employ a
      diverse staff of customer service representatives. Additionally, 311
      is set up to accept calls form the hearing impaired by utilizing a
      TTY System.
      > Cell phone 911:
      > How does 911 work on cell phones in San Francisco?
      > If you are on surface streets in San Francisco and dial 911, your
      call will be answered by the San Francisco Department of Emergency
      Management Services. Once the San Francisco Department of Emergency
      Management Services determine what emergency services are needed,
      they will then route your 911 call to the San Francisco Police
      Department or the San Francisco Fire Department, including ambulance
      > If you are on a freeway in San Francisco and dial 911, your call
      will be answered by either by the San Francisco Department of
      Emergency Management Services or the California Highway Patrol
      Dispatch Center. Regardless, your 911 call will be routed to the
      proper emergency agency, the San Francisco Police Department, the
      California Highway Patrol, or the San Francisco Fire Department,
      including ambulance service.
      > Captain Albert Pardini
      > Bayview Police Station
      > 201 Williams Avenue
      > SF, CA 94124
      > 415 671-2300
      > Fax 671-2345
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