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fence Barricade in India Basin

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  • Melita R
    This is what I sent to the Supervisors and the Mayor Community Melita wrote: Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 20:17:05 -0700 (PDT)
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      This is what I sent to the Supervisors and the Mayor

      Community Melita <neighborhoodperson@...> wrote:
      Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 20:17:05 -0700 (PDT)
      From: Community Melita <neighborhoodperson@...>
      Subject: fence Barricade in India Basin
      To: Tom Ammiano <Tom.Ammiano@...>, Carmen Chu <Carmen.Chu@...>,
      Chris Daly <Chris.Daly@...>, Bevan Dufty <Bevan.Dufty@...>,
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      CC: "Hon. Mayor Gavin Newsom" <gavin.newsom@...>

      September 29, 2007
      Dear Supervisors,
      I would like to inform you about an incident that occurred this weekend (9/29/07) in India Basin .  This is but just one example of how things happen in Southeast San Francisco .
      For some reason a completely ridiculous solution that either the Housing Authority or some City Agency put into place in the neighborhood. A fence was placed across a set of steps going up the hillside on Innes Avenue at Earl Street . These steps are constantly used to gain access to the hillside from Innes Avenue . The fence is now barring any access to the hill.
      Most people who live up on the hill either in the Housing Authority units, Mariner's Village or even Morgan Heights use these steps to get from Innes Avenue to Jerrold. The reason is that there is an incredibly steep hillside rising up from Innes. There are about five sets of steps along Innes that give access to the hill and they all basically coincide with the MUNI bus stops on the #19 Polk.
      So this fence/barricade was put into place this weekend. There was no warning stating that this was going to be shut off the stairs to the public.
      Why was the fence placed?  Is there a danger in having those badly maintained steps used by the public on a daily basis?  Why weren't the steps just fixed instead of barricaded off?
      Is this just another way of getting the Housing Authority to look like it is doing something for the neighborhood?  Are they trying to make up for the shamelessly bad condition of the units in Hunter¬ís View?  
      Or is it just because it is in the Southeast section of San Francisco where they think that anyone can get away with anything and everything?  This is no longer acceptable.
      I would like to have someone get back to me with an answer to the question of why the fence was placed barring access to these steps.
      I know that if this occurred in any other neighborhood, there would have been a community meeting discussing the various alternatives a lot of community input. Why is it done so differently here in India Basin/Hunters Point?? Do we not rate like elsewhere? Does our City look down on us? Can this be explained at all?  I hope that it can be.
      I look forward to hearing from someone soon.
      Thank you,
      Melita Rines
      cc: Mayor Newsom

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