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Quint St Bridge replacement update

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  • Chris Waddling
    Bayview Neighbors, At tomorrow s SF County Transportation Authority Citizen s Advisory Committee (SFCTA-CAC) meeting, one of the agenda items is to approve a
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      Bayview Neighbors,

      At tomorrow's SF County Transportation Authority Citizen's Advisory
      Committee (SFCTA-CAC) meeting, one of the agenda items is to approve a
      policy decision for the replacement of the Quint St Caltrain bridge. Please
      come to the meeting to voice any concerns you may still have or to offer
      support for the policy decision that SFCTA staff are asking the CAC to
      support. The public comment period allows each person up to two minutes to
      have their say. If you're unable to make it to tomorrow evening's meeting,
      please send your comments to me directly and I will do my best to get them
      to the other members of the CAC.


      SFCTA-CAC meeting
      1455 Market St.
      22nd Floor
      Wednesday, June 26
      6:00 - 8:00PM

      As you may know, the SFCTA's preferred option is to replace the bridge with
      an earthen embankment, closing off Quint St between Newcomb and Jerrold at
      the tracks and replacing access through this area with an equally-functional
      connector road that would run along the western edge of the existing railway
      track embankment. Quint St on the eastern side of the tracks (where it runs
      between the SFPUC property) would remain open at the Jerrold Ave end, but
      would become a dead-end at the tracks.

      The embankment gives Caltrain the cheapest alternative of three presented to
      replace the 105 year-old bridge while keeping open the option of locating a
      future train station at Oakdale Ave. (near the Southeast Community Facility

      The other options before us were to replace the bridge with one like we have
      over Jerrold. It would be within budget, but would not allow for an Oakdale
      Station. The other option was to replace it with a more expensive bridge
      that would cost more than is budgeted but would allow for a station.

      For some background on the Oakdale Caltrain station proposal and on the
      Quint St bridge replacement project, please visit:





      District 10 SFCTA-CAC Member
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