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Pavement to Parks - 3rd Street parklets -

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  • Dan Dodt
    all, this is a very worthwhile session and key to our work on the corridor. however, the Bevan Dufty homeless center expansion proposal is also on at
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      Pavement to Parks

      this is a very worthwhile session and key to our work on the corridor. however, the Bevan Dufty homeless center expansion proposal is also on at SFPD/Williams at the same time and I will attend that one.  i know that many of you are also on board for that debate. (thanks for the earlier and good overview of last night's version, rod).    an architect colleague will be attending this parklet session and  can give us a 'download' and debrief afterward for those who may be interested.  others may want to attend, but we should be strategic in what we do that evening. let's compare notes on these two items.


      Pavement to Parks San Francisco
      Parklet RFP Now Open!

      The Spring 2013 Request for Parklet Proposal period is now open, and will remain open until Wednesday April 17th. Eligible applicants include Community Benefit Districts, Business Improvement Districts, and similar organizations; non-profit institutions, community organizations, and schools; and property owners and storefront business owners. Other applicants may be considered on a case by case basis. Remember: applications due by April 17, 2013

      More Info   |   Questions? Attend the Parklet Open House on March 5th

      Download the Parklet Manual.

      The San Francisco Parklet Manual is a comprehensive overview of the goals, policies, process, procedures and guidelines for creating a parklet in San Francisco. The Manual also serves as a resource for those outside of San Francisco working to establish parklet programs in their own cities. Read more...

      Download Parklet Manual [ version 1.0 21 MB ]

      Portable Bicycle Corral Design Competition: $500 Cash Prize

      YBCBD and Pavement to Parks and our partners are sponsoring a student competition to design a portable on-street bike corral that is easily deployed in the parking lane when needed. This concept blends the traditional onstreet bike corral idea with mobile openspace infrastructure like the Parkmobiles which are deployed throughout downtown San Francisco. Winning teams will receive a cash prize and the opportunity to work with a professional firm to fabricate a prototype. All team entries will be presented at an exhibition at the San Francisco Planning and Research Association (SPUR).

      More Info   |    Submission Guidelines   |   Register On-line by March 1, 2013

      Contact Us
      Questions, comments, and suggestions on the Pavement to Parks program can be directed by email to:

      contact   sfpavementtoparks@...

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      Pavement to Parks is made possible with participation of the following City agencies:

      Agencies: San Francisco Planning Department, SF Department of Public Works, SF Municipal Transportation Agency

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