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FYI About | Superhero Street Fair San Francisco 2012 - next weekend - ISLAIS CREEK north side

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  • Dan Dodt
    From the Co-Creators of Sea of Dreams, How Weird Street Fair, Decompression, Masquerotica & Get YER Freak on!: 3rd Annual SUPERHERO STREET FAIR Saturday
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      From the Co-Creators of Sea of Dreams, How Weird Street Fair, Decompression, Masquerotica & Get YER Freak on!:


      Saturday September 22, 2012
      San Francisco, CA
      2pm to Midnight

      Location: WATERFRONT BOARDWALK OASIS overlooking Islais Creek
      Indiana St. (1700 Indiana, SF 94124) @ Cesar Chavez

      Donation Only: $10 in Costume, $20 in Clark Kent
      more Info: Facebook



      Join the epic adventure pitting heroes and villains within an urban theatrical landscape, a day full of worm-holes and time machines, spy gadgetry and visual explosions, fantasy and reality played out on a colossal stage where captivating displays of human feats will entrance and amaze you!

      San Francisco music collectives and Burning Man camps rocking Kryptonite beats on 5 stages:

      Dancetronauts • Beat Church • El Circo • Pink Mammoth • Opel •
      Compression • Disco Nights • Forward • Bay Area Drum & Bass •
      Supperclub • ihatefun Recordings & Shamrock City

      • Boardwalk Oasis: beautiful newly built waterfront with cobblestone walkways, aesthetic landscaping, seating pits, outdoor sculpture and other art.
      • Sporting Green: Climbing Wall, Gladiator Jousting & Zorbs (2-7pm) FREE & open to general public
      • Free Go Go Floating Barge
      • Om-Shan-Tea Tea House – tea service all day
      • Intergalactic Lighting by Radiant Atmospheres
      • Cartoon Art Museum exhibit
      • HEROFEST Action Film Fest – screenings every hour of locally made action films for this year’s SuperHero!
      • Costume Contest & “SuperHero” Awards @ 4pm
      • Matt Delight: Comix Experience window display artist for the past 20 years: exhibit of past work and live painting

      Create your own Super Hero avatar with personalized Powers to share with the world and beyond!

      Food & Drink Space Stations
      SupperClub Sky Lounge
      Gallery of Villains
      InterPlanetary Make-up & Photo Montage Zones
      Giant SuperHero Scenic Backdrops
      ZorbaThon HumanSphere Racing
      Intergalactic Makeover Lounge by Become The Art:
      Official After-Parties
      at Mighty:
      and 1192 Folsom:
      free or discounted with SuperHero Sticker!

      Join us in a celebration of outstanding individuals and organizations in the Bayview and San Francisco arts and community at large, with the “SuperHero” awards ceremony at 4pm. As every year, a portion of the proceeds from this festival go to the recipients of the awards. We focus on recognizing local businesses and artists who we think are performing heroic feats every day by the effort of what they do and how it affects the community. It give us great pleasure to announce the exciting
      2012 SUPERHERO Award Recipients!

      1. Cultural Inspiration – THRASHER MAGAZINE
      Thrasher is a monthly skateboarding magazine born in San Francisco in 1981 and proudly kicking and screaming ever since. Thrasher has got a pretty solid claim on being the most important magazine in the history of skateboarding. Brash, anarchic and shit-talking in the best possible way, Thrasher the mag has been moulded in the image of Thrasher the man – its legendarily bolshy, sweary, speccy editor Jake Phelps. With his tireless skate-rat enthusiasm, stubborn refusal to bow to corporate pressure and bottomless knowledge of the scene, the San Francisco veteran is one of the great living authorities on skateboarding. Thrasher was founded by by Kevin Thatcher, Eric Swenson, and Fausto Vitello.

      2. Artist – MICHAEL CHRISTIAN
      Michael Christian is a celebrated sculptor and artist who specializes in large-scale metal installations. His work has appeared all across the West Coast, Europe, and Canada and in locations as diverse as San Francisco, Toronto, Portugal, and Spain. He’s contributed sculptures for musical artists such as Phish and String Cheese Theory as well as displays for the Coachella Music Festival six years in a row. You’ve seen his work if you’ve been to Burning Man.

      3. Environmental Action – Building Resources
      Building Resources accepts donations of reusable items, typically sturdy home items that people have gotten rid of during remodels, and sells them to people who want to reuse them. By doing this, Building Resources diverts about 1,000 tons of materials from landfills each year.
      One of the coolest offerings is tumbled glass. Old broken windows, mirrors, vases, dishes, and pots are tumbled in cement mixers and become smooth and pretty little pieces that can be used for landscaping, flower arrangements, and art projects.

      4. Social Awareness – Friends of Islais Creek
      The Friends of Islais Creek was founded by Julia Viera in 1986. Her vision was to work with the community to create a master plan for the creek, submit it to the Port of San Francisco and BCDC for review, and present it to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to adopt as the official plan. Thanks to a grant from the state’s Water Resources Board all of that happened. The Islais Creek Master Plan was designed and adopted. Then, as a first step in implementing the master plan, Julia got a grant from the state’s Coastal Conservancy to create the little park at Islais Landing.
      Julia was very involved with Bayview and waterfront issues and eventually worked in Supervisor Sophie Maxwell’s office. She and friends in the Bayview tried to organize the community and improve conditions. They created the Bayview Area Neighborhood Coalition, mostly Bayview mothers, who wanted to put young people to work and reduce the crime rate. We thank the Friends of Islais Creek for their efforts, many of which we are all enjoying today.

      5. Community Creation – SCRAP
      SCRAP is a non-profit creative reuse center, materials depot, and workshop space founded in 1976 in San Francisco, California. and breathes new life into old objects and reduces waste by diverting over 200 tons of materials heading to landfill every year.
      Donations of quality re-usable materials such as textiles, buttons, paper, craft and office supplies, plastics, and wood are collected from businesses, institutions, and individuals then sorted and made available to teachers, parents, artists, and organizations.
      The community depends on SCRAP as the place to find all manner of materials for educational programs, creative projects, and their classrooms. By offering low cost supplies, creative reuse workshops, volunteer opportunities, educational field trips, art exhibitions, and more SCRAP gives students of all ages the opportunity to learn and pass on the value of creative reuse.

      Easy public transportation.
      Secure FREE bike parking by SF Bicycle Coalition
      The Most Amazing Super Hero Fest-Of-All!
      {{{ ALL AGES! }}}

      Volunteers: please email: volunteer@...
      We can always use assistance with set-up and breakdown, as well as assistance with waterfront park rejuvenation before the fair, extra marketing and various other projects.
      Vendors: go to the website under “Participate”, then “Vendors” for more information, or email vendors@...

      21st Amendment Brewery, Red Bull, Supperclub, Le Tournement Verte Absynthe, The Vapor Room, Taylor’s Tonics, Bay Area Party Boats, San Francisco Bay Guardian, SF House Music, Noah’s Bagels

      Presented by Climate Theater, AnonEvents, and “Get YER Freak on!”

      © 2012 Superhero Street Fair San Francisco | @Cesar Chavez and Indiana St | Septmeber 22, 2012 | 2pm to MidnightSuffusion theme by Sayontan Sinha

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