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38% cut in budget for national forestry

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  • bayview94124
    FYI In keeping with the topic of the day... If you can take a moment, it s easy to submit comments online. ... The President has proposed a 38% or $17,436,000
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2007
      FYI In keeping with the topic of the day...
      If you can take a moment, it's easy to submit comments online.

      ----original message----
      The President has proposed a 38% or $17,436,000 reduction in the
      national Urban and Community Forest budget. You all know what this
      will mean...
      Please contact your Representatives and Senators letting them know
      what this reduction will do to you, your business and community.

      When all is said and done, the No. 1 funding supporter of urban and
      community forestry in the United States since 1990 has been the USDA
      Forest Service. That budget has been slashed annually for too long
      when, in fact, community forests impact more than 80 percent of the
      U.S. population. And trees are the only portion of infrastructure
      that actually appreciate in value while all other infrastructure

      Indeed, there are many reasons why this budget should be expanded
      significantly, and by no means reduced.

      1) Tell us why you think the Forest Service should expand the Urban
      and Community Forestry budget, and not slash it.

      2) Schedule a time to call or email your members of Congress and
      educate them on this matter.

      3) Enlighten and enlist your friends, and tell them to tell their
      friends to do the same.

      The deadline is THURSDAY!
      Here are two quick links to find your Congressperson(s)



      Amber Bieg
      Development Officer
      Friends of the Urban Forest
      (415) 561-6890 x 104
      (415) 561-6899 fax
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