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Happy Thanksgiving from Public Glass

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  • bayview94124
    This from the Public Glass Newsletter... Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes for a new year, As 2008 comes to a close, I wanted to say thank you to all the
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      This from the Public Glass Newsletter...

      Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes for a new year,

      As 2008 comes to a close, I wanted to say thank you to all the
      donors, volunteers and staff for helping Public Glass to successfully
      navigate 2008. During 2008 our Hot Glass events have continued to
      grow and create a real buzz among folks who have never had the chance
      to see or be exposed to glass art. The community is growing, the
      board is growing and the amount of positive energey continues to grow
      throughout Public Glass.

      After the last community event to blow glasses for the November Hot
      Glass event, Robb Witt, one of our board members, took time to send a
      note back to many of us at Public Glass expressing his pleasure in
      the "great cooperative spirit and energy" that came out that night as
      the community came together and created 50 glasses for the following
      night's Hot Glass event. It was a lot of fun to be part of and it
      really showed the growth in the community spirit which is driving us

      Another of our continuing accomplishments is the continuing success
      of our gallery program. The gallery has seen numerous shows
      throughout this past year givinng exposure to many current and new
      glass artists including:

      - Michelle Knox
      - Evan Koklar
      - Helen Lee
      - Garren Doremus
      - Jennel Belt
      - The warmshop crew
      - Dean Bensen
      - Summer Jane Bell
      - Trish Ludovici

      As we look forward, we see the possibility to increase the outreach
      of our classes, introduce more people to glass as an art form and
      continue to offer glass artists and hobbyists a place to experiment
      and reach beyond to create inspired pieces of art. Some programs we
      would like to work on in 2009 include;

      - starting an artist in residence program
      - bringing in more world class glass artists an teachers
      - reaching out to local schools to create partnerships
      - reaching out into the local art glass community to strengthen and
      build positive relationships

      In addition to the programs we want to create a capital program to
      allow us to build and replace equipment such as;

      - a new kiln for the warm shop
      - a new annealer and a plate warmer for the Hot Shop
      - new tools for all shops

      To get from here to there we need to ask your help. 2009 will be
      hard for everybody, but even a small donation can help;

      - $25 will help buy new mitts to protect the hands of the glass
      - $50 will fill a gas cylinder allowing us to offer a class on bead
      - $100 will pay for the supplies to do a class in slumping and fusing
      - $250 will buy a new set of pipes and punties for the hot shop
      - $500 will help cover the costs to bring a world class artist to the
      shop to share his/her experience with the community
      - $1000 will help us pay for the operating expenses for 1 day
      - $2500 will allow us to buy a new kiln

      Give whatever you can as we come to the end of 2008 and look forward
      into 2009. Please click the link below and make a donation today;


      (you can also click through from our website @
      http://www.publicglass.org on the left side)

      If you would like to send a check made payable to "Public Glass", you
      can send it to:

      Public Glass
      2008/2009 Fundraiser
      1750 Armstrong Avenue
      San Francisco, CA 94124

      All donations are tax deductible, Public Glass is a 501c3 charity and
      our TAX ID is: 94-3253918.

      Thank you again and please join us as a student or a guest for one of
      our events in 2008 and help us to celebrate GLASS! If you know
      someone else who loves the arts and would like to be a part of Public
      Glass, feel free to send this message on as well.
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