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Re: [betterbayview] Tree and Plant Watch

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    matt, so sad, so sorry. i have heard of this happening in the sunset in the past. jane ... From: mendellapt@sbcglobal.net To: betterbayview@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 2 , May 7, 2007
      matt, so sad, so sorry.  i have heard of this happening in the sunset in the past.  jane
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      Subject: [betterbayview] Tree and Plant Watch

      Good news bad news. The dogs started barking at 5:20 this morning. When I looked out the
      window there was a trail of dirt down the sidewalk. One of our Hollywood Junipers had been
      pulled out of the ground and dragged around the corner. Left on Kirkwood off Mendell.
      Beside it was our huge poppy plant stolen from beside the front door.

      The good news is we did replant the tree and flowers, hopefully they'll recover.

      About 30 various succulents were also stolen, and have not yet been recovered. This
      operation must have taken considerable time to execute.

      This parallels the events that happened in March with trees being stolen, dragged and
      dumped, as opposed to the two events last week with two palms being stolen from the same
      location, just days apart. Hopefully there is only one villian who will be apprehended, or this
      will surely happen again, soon. Keep an eye out and please continue to report such events.

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