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1942RE: Servo range of motion

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  • dmgauntt2002
    Oct 4, 2013
      I am fairly sure that the 120 degree range is less than the physical range of the servo, but that there is no way to get more range with this hardware.


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      I believe that the servo probably has a physical block (you can test this by turning it manually without power and seeing how far it turns) and you cannot do anything about it.  Otherwise, I have no idea 

      ---In bestinc@yahoogroups.com, <annboes2007@...> wrote:

      We are programming in RobotC. When giving the commands to run the servo from -127 to 127, we only get a range of motion of about 120 degrees. We would like to have a 180 degree sweep of the servo. What is the limiting factor and can we do anything about it?
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