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Re: [bennettzone] Re: Looking for my Bennett "cousins"

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  • Kim Updegraff
    Sorry, but your Andrew C. Bennett was born too early to be part of the pottery brothers family. The brothers didn t come over to The U.S. until the 1830 s.
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      Sorry, but your Andrew C. Bennett was born too early to be part of the pottery brothers family. The brothers didn't come over to The U.S. until the 1830's. Carnegie didn't come over from Scotland until  30 years later.

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      It would be so interesting to find out if this is the missing piece we have looked for, for so long. Would you look over what we have and see if any of these other names are found in your letters?

      I would love for you to look over what I have as I have a Andrew C Bennett in my family tree. Born 1797 SC have him dying in Ala (possiably at age 13.) But my Andrew C is the child of John and Mary.

      Sandra Haley

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      > My great great grandfather was James Bennett. Born May 13, 1812 in

      > Stapenhill, Derbyshire, England. Died July 30,1862


      > My great great grandmother was Jane Milnor Stevenson, born September

      > 3, 1820 in Hull Yorkshire, England. Maried July 31 in Jersy City, NJ.

      > Died March 17 1861, in Pittsburgh, PA.


      > My great grandfater was Charles James Bennett Born 11 July 1853 in

      > Pittsburgh. Married Rachel (Rickie) Maul.


      > My grandfather was Harold Wallace Bennett born September 6, 1899 in

      > Pittsburgh. Married Bertha E. Bahr. Moved to New Kensington, PA


      > My father and brother were both Harold Bennetts. My other brother is

      > Rory Scott Bennett, now living in Driftwood, Pennsylvania.


      > I'm trying to solve the mystery of Andrew Carnegie Bennett. From an

      > old letter, I know that Edwin Bennett, James brother was very good

      > friends of Andrew and traveled back to England with him on numerous

      > occasions. Their wive's were also very good friends.


      > In an old letter written to my grandfather from his cousin Daniel

      > Bennett, who was a pharmacist in Pittsburgh, I have Andrew listed

      > as James and Jane's last child, born in 1861, but cannot find any

      > information about him.


      > Also there is a reference in one letter about relatives that were in

      > vaudville.


      > And onther about a cousin of my granfathers, from Pittsburgh. He was

      > murdered in West Virginia. He was an actor, preparing to leave for

      > Hollywood California. He had recieved a monetary advance and had a

      > film contract.


      > Any help from my unknown cousins out there would be very much

      > appreciated!


      > Kim Bennett Updegraff


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