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Day 15 - Makushita results

Daily gyoji Jakusotsu presents the Makushita results on Senshuraku (and has the honour to declare a yusho winner). Chiyotairyu            
8:40 AM

Day 15 - juryo results

Hello juryoites, today I am your guest gyoji, tomorrow I will be your opponent (well, next basho), except for those that will get my place in makuuchi. Anyway,
Anke Stehr
4:50 AM

Delay with Makunouchi results and ZQoSA standings

Sorry guys, I have a horrendous cold - and am on medication that is making me very silly. I will do my duties tomorrow morning (Hong Kong time) when I will be
4:48 AM

Day 14 - Fighting Spirit Prize

Jakusotsu: May I talk all business today? Riyo: You're welcome! Jakusotsu: Thank you. Nobody managed a perfect score today, but every division was prone to
May 23

Day 14 - Oyakata Prize

Jakusotsu presents the Gochisozan Oyakata Prize standings. No surprise, no GBLs again. Will Underdog Master Achiyama take it home tomorrow? Ganbatte!
May 23

2015 Natsu Day 14 Yusho Arasoi

After 14 days, with one day left, here are your divisional yusho race standings. 38 of us have their kachikoshi - 11 of us with double digit wins and one
May 23

MCP Standings Day 14

Hi there, here are the MCP Standings after day 14. Another day with quite some surprising results, and so nobody could muster a perfect score. Former Bench
"Jürgen Buder"
May 23

Day 14 Juryo results

Helloooo Juryo! This is some 600 kilo piece of predatory sashimi bringing you the action of the penultimate day of the Summer Meeting of the year Heisei 27.
Magnus Berg
May 23

Day 15 Natsu Basho 2015 Outstanding Performance Prize

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Bench.   Very little has happened in the change of order at the top of the ranks apart from Randomitsuki joining Tosahayate in
Colleen Hunter
May 23

Day 14 - makushita results

Hello makushitans, the basho is almost over and most decision have been taken. Your yusho leader is fighting in juryo today, a win will secure the yusho for
Anke Stehr
May 23

Natsu Basho 2015 Day 14 Makuuchi Kekka

Ladies and gentlemen of the bench. Welcome to the 14th day results for the top guns, the Makuuchi division.  Domichi and Rowitoro are visiting from the Juryo
Colleen Hunter
May 23

ZQoSA Day 14 update

Hi everyone! Here is the day 14 update for the ZQoSA. Kitakachiyama lost today - whereas Oskanohana didn't. Oska has narrowed the lead, but Kita remains on
May 23

Day 15 - Makushita Torikumi (Spoiler!)

Here are the final fixings for Makushita: Spoiler news: the yusho is decided, nobody can catch Gurowake anymore. The big question is: will he be the first
May 23

Goeido is Kujio

Hi Jason, I sent you a PM about Goeido as it affects your your TUG pick for today. As I don't know whether you have received it I am sending you also an
Angel Stoyanov
May 22

MCP Standings Day 13

Hi there, here are the MCP Standings after day 13. On day 13, we had only 11 perfect scores. Might be due to Ichinojo? Haven't really checked. Best of class
"Jürgen Buder"
May 22
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